Monday, January 18, 2010

Wow…another Virus!

Wilma called me to her computer around 11am. She had been on it for about an hour when all heck broke loose on her computer again.

When I saw how it was reacting there was no doubt that there was some kind of virus taking over the computer. I tried to get IE to go to the Microsoft website to download a virus scan, but kept getting directed to a bogus web site.

So when all else fails, you have to re-boot and hit the F-10 key. This makes the system go back in time to when it was new, AND keep all your settings.

Within an hour I had it back on the internet, working satisfactory. Of course she lost all her doc’s and pictures. It seems the only settings that were saved is all those bazillion XP updates!

So my conclusion on these so called FREE anti virus software….ALL BUNK! In the past couple years now we have had 3 different anti virus software running and all three failed us. They are AVG free, Avast, and Avira.

To my knowledge all three are rated right on top as being protective. I’m beginning to believe that “you get what you pay for”! Pay for nothing, get nothing!

So what to do? This time I went to Microsoft Security Essentials and installed their “free” anti virus software. But I don’t have much faith in it either. Like I said, you get what you pay for. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I did tell her that when her computer “bites the dust” she is going to get a Mac. Enough with these virus machines!

I can’t blame her either for clicking on bad links like we all hear about. She is pretty computer savey, and knows what to look out for. She said she was on Facebook. Doing the same as she always does, when the computer started acting weird.

What’s really weird is this. I’ve been told that using a router helps protect you from virus attacks also, because of its built in Firewall. I am connected to a Linksys, Wi-Fi router. So if that’s the case, then how did this virus get past it’s firewall?

Tomorrow its back to work.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. That is a dilemma! I am using Avast now for many years and have never had a virus. Twice has Avast averted one. I hope that your trouble will be over now. Good luck.

  2. Fred I bit the bullet and went to PC worlds website and bought Spyware Doctor, for $29.95. once you run it you will be amazed how mant adware bugs and others you have and this also get rid of all og those, your computer is infected popups. Sam & Donna

  3. Hello Vera, I did feel the most secure with Avast. It seemed to do the best out of the three. I may be returning to it if I keep getting problems. Don't you have a Mac? I think I remember you writing to Rick about it once, but I may be wrong. Have a great day.

    Hello Sam and Donna. Thanks for dropping by. I may have to dig into the wallet and "buy" an anti virus/pop up remover. I sure don't like what I saw on Wilma's computer. Puts a little scare in ya. Have a great day and hope you return.

  4. Hi, No, I don't have a MAC "I am a PC :-) " I like to get a new computer once in awhile and a MAC lasts too long. I could not justify a new one as often as I like :-)

  5. I am just wondering if the extra cost of a Mac is really worth it. On my laptop I have installed along with Windows XP, Linux Ubuntu operating system. I'm actually learning Linux and its pretty interesting. No viruses on Linux! And everything works. Something like a Mac.

    I upgraded my desktop from Vista to Win7. So far I like it.....oh oh....I hope I just didn't jinx myself!

    Have a great day

  6. We have had Mac's for over 14 years. We would not use anything else. No virus', no problems. You truly do get what you pay for. Our desktop Mac is still going strong, we have a Mac laptop as well. Most of our friends now have Mac. We have 2 full time IT tech's and Pc's at work, and nothing but problems, and they have to be replaced every 2 -3 years. Spend the extra, get a Mac, and be happy!!!!
    Best wishes!
    Kim and Don

  7. Thank You Kim and Don for your advice about the Mac. Your experience of 14 years with Mac, and still praise it says alot. I don't think there are many of us "PC" people that can say the same.

    This is one reason I have been leaning toward Linux. But I just "feel it in my bones" that I will be getting Wilma a Mac for her next computer.