Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tax time for our family

This weekend was designated to doing the taxes for my family with Turbo Tax.

Starting with Dad on Thursday evening. His was completed within an hour. I called him telling him I would bring the finished taxes and his paper work over sometime this weekend. He insisted on coming over to pick them up on Friday, which he did. He was completely amazed at how the “computer” can do those taxes in such a short time. I told him it was nothing like when Mom and I used to sit at the kitchen table for hours on end reading, figuring, and filling out the many forms by hand. Then the following evenings going over our work making sure we didn’t make any mistakes. It really amazes me also how much better computers have made our life. It fascinates me to think how much better computers will make in the lives of my grand children and their children.

I had a paid day off from work on Friday, so I called Tina to see if she would come over with her information that I would need for her taxes. Around noon she was sitting beside me at the computer. Within an hour or so we had her taxes completely finished. She is totally amazed also at the amount she is getting back. It kind of smoothes out the rough edges she has encountered through this past year.

Today, Saturday, it was Angels turn. Once again she sat next to me as we filled in the questions asked. And like her sister Tina, she was amazed at how much she was getting back.

Wilma, working on house work downstairs, said she could tell when we got to a certain part of the forms, as she heard each of the girls shout out, “Yea! All right! No Way! Is this for real!!!” I would only say, I can’t doubt the computer programs, we put in the info it asked for and it tells us what you receive. Very nice. Within an hour, maybe a little longer, we were done with Angels.

Then this afternoon I did ours. Again and hour and a half and it was completed. Turbo Tax makes it so easy, its hard to believe you didn’t skip something. So after completing it, just before electronic filing it, I would save it and start over. I only do this just to double check the steps, and make sure I didn’t leave anything out. Everything looked great so it was electronically sent to the IRS. I already received a response from Turbo Tax that my forms were sent successfully, and they will be received on Monday Feb. 15th. and I should have my refund deposited in my checking account within 8 days.

However, the great State of Michigan wants to charge me $20.00 to electronic file my returns! No thanks, I will just print them out and snail mail them. Then they can have someone open the envelope, go over the forms, issue a check and mail it to me. This process should take about 6 weeks. Go figure, especially when there was an article in the paper last week with the Governor looking at ways to raise taxes to cover expenses!

Now I’m not for putting people out of work, but we really have to come up to this 21st century already. Do like the IRS does and let the computers do the work. This E-Filing and electronic deposits is really the way to go in my opinion.  Do you hear me Governor?!?!

Ok enough, I’ll get off the soap box now.

So, all in all, it has been a great weekend. Now if the sun comes out and melts this 6 inches of snow we have, it would be even better!   :-)

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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