Saturday, February 27, 2010

Trip to the Dentist

As this year is being planned as my last year of employment, Wilma and I are catching up on all of our Dr. and Dentist appointments.

Wilma paid a visit to the Dentist on Thursday. She was scheduled to have a crown put on a molar. But after a close examination the Dentist had to extract the tooth! She said after it was numb, she received a breath of “gas” to relax her. This did the trick for her, and she made it through this traumatic experience with flying colors.

I waited on her as much as need be. She mostly slept, with the help of the pain medication that was prescribed. Today she is doing much better. Carefully eating food now, making sure to just chew on the “good” side of her mouth. She is scheduled to return to the dentist March 22nd. I also am scheduled to go to the dentist March 26th.

I went with Tina yesterday afternoon to Micro Center computer store where she purchased her very first laptop. She asked if I would take it home to install Firefox and anti virus on it for her, which I did. It took close to 4 hours to burn the “Recovery DVD’s” remove all the “junk ware” install Firefox and Microsoft Essentials as her anti virus, and Open Office. This afternoon I took it over to her and showed her a few “pointers” on how to use it. I figure that in the near future I will be introducing her to the wonderful world of Picasa, and Gmail.

Also yesterday afternoon I sold my tow dolly. Listed it on Craigslist about 10 days ago. I had about 6 different inquires on it and 3 of them were very interested. The first guy that came to look at it bought it. I feel I gave him a good deal and I made just shy of $50 from what I was asking. Not bad for either of us. I was just happy to see it go! Now the money I have from that sale will go toward having a tow bar installed on my Malibu in the next month or so.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless

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