Saturday, March 27, 2010

Denise has a new Computer, Wilma still hurting

Picked up the computer from Jim after work. Stopped at home to see if Wilma wanted to go with me to swap out computers for Denise.

Wilma still is not feeling great, just moving her arm gives her pain. She decided to stay at home while I worked on swapping out the puters.

At Denise’s home, I get the new puter hooked up and ready to turn on. Started installing her “PeoplePC” software for dial up service. It went to hook up and could not find the modem! Dang it, the device manager showed it was not installed. So I put the “Dell Disc” in the cd drive and had it install any missing drivers.

Nope, it still didn’t work. So I had to disconnect the puter, bring it over to my house and hook it up to the web. Downloaded the drivers which took all of about a minute. Then I downloaded Firefox, another couple minutes. Disconnected the puter and headed back to Denise’s home.

Now it connected…….sooooo slllloooowwwwlllllyyyy! I just had to ask her what she was spending for her phone service along with the $10.95 for PeoplePC. After telling me, I suggested she call Comcast and inquire what it would cost to have internet service. She did the math and found that Comcast will be almost $12 LESS than what she is paying now. So…next Saturday she is having Comcast install her internet service. Thank God! I just couldn’t believe how slow that dial up was. I guess I’m used to cable service and going back to dial up is almost unbearable. I told Denise to call me when the cable guy gets her internet hooked up and I would come over and get her the anti virus program installed and running, BEFORE she starts surfing the net. So next Saturday afternoon I should be spending another hour if that at Denise’s home.

Wilma made her appointment for her MRI. She goes Friday, April 2nd at 5pm. I guess that was the soonest she could get an appointment. I’m praying she doesn’t have a torn rotator cup. Sometimes I’ve heard would require surgery to fix. Hopefully not.

That’s all for now, going to Catherine’s tomorrow afternoon to give her a lesson on Picasa. And anything else that she might have a question on. If I’m capable enough to know the answer.  :>)

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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