Friday, March 26, 2010

Dinner with Dad, Wilma in pain!


Thursday evenings are reserved for having dinner with Dad, so Wilma phoned me at work to ask if it would be ok for her to come along. Of course, was my answer. After leaving work, I stopped at home to pick up Wilma. Just 2 hours before, she had returned from the Dentist. She had a tooth re-drilled that had a worn filling. Her face was just starting to return to normal from the injection.

She commented on the way to Dad’s that her right arm was really hurting her today, and as the day progressed, the pain was increasing. She feels that when she tried to pick up a pan filled with dinner 2 days ago, she strained a muscle in her upper right arm. Yesterday she did a few loads of laundry, hauling the baskets up from the basement, putting more stress on her arm.  Today she said that it was really hurting and she could barely lift her arm without it hurting.

We arrived at Dad’s and he wanted Wilma to pick any of many cloth table cloths that my Mom had. After looking at them all, Wilma had picked up several that we decided would be nice to use when we have the family over to our home for Thanksgiving, in remembrance of Mom.

We then went to Sea Breeze Restaurant, where we all had a great dinner of short ribs.

After taking Dad back home we had to leave sooner than we wanted to because Wilma was getting worse. The pain in her arm had gotten to a point that she could not raise her right arm without the help of her left hand.

By 8pm she was in bed. After talking with her about the pain, we have both decided that if it is still painful tomorrow morning she needs to see or family Dr.

Friday 8:30am                            

I could not post last night as her pain was increasing in her arm. I decided we needed to go to the Emergency Room at the local Hospital. We could no longer wait until tomorrow to see a Dr.

We arrived at the hospital around 11pm, was all checked in and waiting by 11:10pm. Wilma mentioned that this hospital had TV commercials saying you never have to wait to be seen by a Dr. longer than 10 minutes. That 45 minute wait was the longest 10 minutes in my life! Plus there were only 2 other patients waiting before us. Why did it take so long?

To make a long story short, the professionalism at this Hospital was non existent. I was taken aback at the way in which the so called Doctors handled themselves. For instance, why would you take a persons arm and rotate it back as far as possible to see if it hurts? Especially when explained  in detail of how the pain was progressing. And this all done prior to an X-Ray, how did she, the Dr., know there were no broken or chipped bones or torn ligaments prior to rotating her arm in such a manner!

After seeing 2 nurses, 2 Dr.’s and given a shot of Morphine (which had no affect) she was wheeled to get an X-Ray. Upon returning back to the little exam room and waiting another hour, another so called Dr. entered and explained that nothing was broken and we will write a script for pain medication and put her arm in a sling. Then to go to her Doctor tomorrow for a “follow up” of his diagnosis. No explanation of what they presumed might be wrong, not even a guess! So after 2 and a half hours in this hospital, we walked out knowing nothing more than what was known before we walked in.

I know I’m venting here, but I’m really getting concerned at the incompetency of the so called medical profession these days. I don’t believe I’m getting smarter, I’m just noticing these so called “medical professionals” these days don’t have very much commonsense, let alone “real” training in the medical field. Where do these people come from?!?

Today at 10am I have a dental appointment for cleaning and X-Rays. Wilma has an appointment at 2pm with our family Dr. to follow up on last nights episode. We will return home after her appointment and I’ll grill hamburgers on the grill for supper. After supper we are going over to see a friend of ours, Denise, and install Firefox on her computer. As she has dial up service, I’m hoping Firefox will make her web surfing go a little faster. We will see.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless


  1. Poor Wilma, I hope her own doctor will know a little more. I wish you both good luck and hopefully the pain will be gone soon.

  2. Oh I hope that Wilma is doing better real soon... I know what you mean about hospitals and doctors... The when you go through your doctor it takes weeks & sometimes months before you find out what's really wrong. I hope you find out fast about her injury! Have fun & travel safe

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