Saturday, March 6, 2010

First Grilled Steak of the Year

We decided that on the week-ends we are going to start eating our large meal at noon. Then in the evening we will just have a “lunch” type meal. IMG_0016-1

So today we started it out right.   I looked out the patio door wall and saw the grill. Wilma said that there were some steaks in the fridge, so our plan started to come together.

It wouldn’t be too un-comfortable as the sun was shinning bright, and the temps. were going up into the mid 40’s. Which to us feels like spring.

Now all we need is for the snow to melt. Which I’m sure it will as they are calling for a warming trend this week into the mid 50’s!

So after some chores this morning, around 1pm the grill was lit. IMG_0018-1

I know almost to the minute, as the air raid sirens started their weekly test at 1pm and I was on the deck turning on the gas to the grill when they started blowing.

Wilma was in the kitchen wrapping asparagus and garlic in aluminum foil. It wasn’t too long afterward and our steaks were placed on the grill with the asparagus and garlic.

It’s funny how different smells can remind you of things. When Wilma smelled the steaks cooking she commented, “Smells like summer!” And I had to agree, we don’t use the grill very often in the winter. Can you tell we are sick and tired of Winter?  ;-)

After our dinner we made a run to Sam’s Club. Walking in within the first 100ft. she noticed strawberries in two pound packages for $5.69. She said that’s no deal at all, Meijer has them in one pound packages for $1.69.  She is such an attentive shopper, I don’t know how she does it but I’m thankful she does as that saves us big time on our grocery bills.

We picked up a few items…..spent a little over $100.00 and left. Yea, I know, you can’t go into a Sam’s or Cosco without spending at least $100.00. I told Wilma I’m having second thoughts on renewing our membership. Heck even the gas isn’t much cheaper than the local stations. Only 2 to 4 cents a gallon less doesn’t make it worth paying for the yearly $35.00 membership.

Anyway after leaving Sam’s we headed for Meijer. And yes we bought strawberries. Exactly nine pounds of them! Bet your thinking we really must love strawberries. Well we do, especially the grandkids. Wilma said she cuts them up and puts them in small plastic, single serve containers. Then gives each grand kid a cup of strawberries with their breakfast. They just love em.

Tomorrow afternoon we are going for a visit to our very best friends, Gary and Cheryl. He mentioned on the phone of putting something on the grill while we are there. So we are going to bring desert. Guessed yet what it’s going to be? Yep, strawberry shortcake! With whip cream, which I’ll pass on. Sounds like a fun day tomorrow.

Till next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Sounds like a great day.... Nothing like BBQd' Steak and Strawberries... Have fun & travel safe!

  2. Those steaks sure look yummy!
    Barbecue in the snow, a novel idea but what the heck go for it, it breaks the monotony of winter ☺

  3. Yessir, I need to buy a new grill before we can do ours, the old one finally had the burner rust away and even though it was an expensive Coleman, they no longer make the parts or burners. Also we like your new blog template, The weather here in Dardenne Prairie MO improved were looking at above 60 today. Be Safe out there. Sam & Donna.