Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heat wave today…62 and Sunny

What a beautiful day it was today! It actually got all the way up to 62F. today with no wind! Wilma mentioned that it felt a little like Florida.

When I got home from work, the sunshine and warmth kept me outside. It was time to clean the floor mats in the car, get the winter dirt and salt removed off of them. When that was done I moved to the windows. They got there cleaning inside and out today also. Maybe tomorrow I won’t have to squint through the windshield going to work in the morning. ;>)

Wilma went to one of the local favorite restaurants to meet up with her fellow co-workers from the insurance company. The ladies usually do this once a year. Even though Wilma hasn’t worked there in more than 3 years, they still enjoy her company, and she does theirs.

I called on dad this evening. He is doing good, loving the sunshine and warmth today also. Judy, my sister was with him this evening as they went out to dinner together. I had to tell him we won’t be able to have our weekly dinner on Thursday. I’m going to be “preparing” myself for the colonoscopy scheduled for Friday at 11am. This is something I’m really dreading!

I’m a little concerned as the Dr. doesn’t want me to eat anything ALL day Thursday. I can have as much chicken broth as I like, but no solid foods. I’m concerned how my sugar is going to do. Usually when I skip a meal, my sugar tends to dip down to the low 60’s. That’s when I start getting the shakes and just don’t feel right. Hopefully the chicken broth will hold me, otherwise I am going to have to cheat a little and have a light lunch.

Then at 4pm I start with my wonderful gaiter-aid mixture. Along with a few pills to help things move on out, if you will. This is what’s harder than the actual exam. Plus the last time I had this procedure, 8 years ago, I believe I was given a little excess of the “relaxation” medication prior to the exam. It was very hard for me to recover and get back to feeling a little normal. 8 hours after the procedure seemed like an excessive amount of time to get back to normal. I wasn’t even able to drive 8 hours after the procedure. We will see if that happens again this Friday. If it does I won’t be able to function until late Friday evening.   :-(     boo hoo.

Anyway, keeping a smile on my face as the sun is going to shine again tomorrow with temps in the 60’s….Yea…all right! It’s amazing how a little sunshine can make a person feel so much better.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Good luck with your colonoscopy and don't know the "excessive" relaxation medication. I did not get enough and it sure hurt. I would trade any day ☺ They want me back in 5 years and I told them I did not think so. I forgot a little now so maybe I will go after all. It was nice to see you having fun with your grandson. I can just imagine how he liked it.

  2. OHHHHH! I had mine before we left home last July... Was scared but it was a breeze... They put me OUT thank goodness! We had sunshine too today and you're so right it does make the day brighter...LOL
    Have fun & travel safe