Sunday, March 14, 2010

Time with Grandkids

Wilma talked to Tina this morning on the phone and was told that she was scheduled to work today. This was kind of a goof up on the schedule, because the administrator told her she would never have to work both week end days. Like she did this week end. Tina, being a new employee just went to work without complaining. Good girl Tina! Way to go.

After the phone call was ended, Wilma was telling me how Dakota has been missing his Dad. Christmas was the last time Scott, Dakota’s dad spent anytime with his kids. She said that Tina told her that Dakota actually started crying because he doesn’t understand why his Dad won’t see them.

We, Wilma and I, both agree that it has gone too far. Those kids need to have a “father” figure in their lives. And with Dakota now 13 years of age, with the start of puberty, we both agreed that it was time he started spending more time with “Pa” , (me).

Around 10:30am I drove over to their home to see if Dakota would like to “hang out with Pa” today. He was still in bed. However Savannah and Rebecca were up watching TV, eating donuts.

I woke Dakota up and asked if he would like to hang out with me today. He said yes but he was still tired. I told him I was going to take Savannah and Rebecca over to our house now for a while and I would come back for him in a few hours. That way he could wake up and get ready.

I then asked the “girls” if they would like to come over, and they jumped off the couch to get ready. I guess that was a firm YES answer. So I couldn’t resist and brought them home with me. They kept themselves busy playing the Wii games  until it was time for lunch.

About then I headed back to get Dakota. He was ready and anxious to go. Didn’t know what was planned, just to get out of the house I guess and be with Pa.

I noticed the door knob was broke on the front door, so I told him our first job would be to go to the “Mans store” to get a new door knob. Lowe’s he asked? Yep I said as a smile came to his face and “Awesome” came out of his mouth.

As we walked through the store, I kept glancing at him. It was like it was his first time there as he was taking in everything. Kind of broke my heart and made me feel good at the same time. I thought to myself then that we are going to “hang out together” much much more. It’s what he needs, and possibly me too!

We, together picked out a new door knob, and left to head back to his house. I asked him if he thought he could help me put it on. He informed me that he could do it himself if I let him use my tools and told him how to do it. Agreed I said, so we were now on a mission.

Of course it didn’t quite turn out that he did everything with my guidance. But he did really help me when needed. It was pretty good having a “partner” with me. So from now on I will have him along side me with everything we can do around the homes. It’s probably the best thing I can do for him is to pass along my knowledge to him.

The day ended with a delicious meal prepared by Wilma of meat balls in a mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes and warm rolls. She made enough to send home to both of our daughters. Once again she prepared a meal for 3 complete families! Great job my hon! Both daughters called their Mom telling her how good it was and thanking her for the meal.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless


  1. Hey... Watch It!
    Lowe's isn't just a "Man's Store", us widows have to buy parts and fix our stuff too, you know.
    Happy Trails, Penny,TX

  2. You are so right Penny, I wish Wilma felt that way. She just hates that store, Home Depot too.

    Of course, now that I think of it, maybe its a good thing she doesn't like it. If she did it could cost me much more money!

    Have a great day Penny.