Sunday, April 11, 2010

A busy Week

The last week has been very busy for us.

Easter Sunday was perfect! Bright sunny skies and warm for our annual Easter egg hunt with the grandkids.

After the hunt, was dinner of oven baked chicken and all the fixens. With tummies full, and candy to eat, the kids had to head for outside for some fun.


Brooke, Haley, Savannah & Rebecca enjoying the “Giant Bubbles”.






Haley and Dakota.




While the kids were “burning up the energy”, the adults were also “burning up the energy” as you can see below.


Myself, Dad, and sister Judy.

Dad & Judy stopped in for a short visit and to see the “gang”.



Wednesday the 8th.

Rebecca turned 10 today! Everyone was at our house to enjoy Pa’s famous hamburgers, eat some cake and ice cream, and celebrate Rebecca’s Birthday. What fun we all had.


Here is Rebecca opening cards and gifts.





Proud Mom with her 10 year old daughter Rebecca.

Forgetting the birthday candles, we improvised with one large candle.

Rebecca received many gifts and all were a huge hit with her. Meaning, she liked them all. Can’t go wrong when NaNa took her shopping to get what she wanted for her birthday. Very smart NaNa I thought!

Friday the 9th.

Friday morning started with a visit to the Dentist. This was the first of four visits that I will be going through to replace all the fillings from 30 some years ago. I figure as I’m going to be retiring at the end of the year, I better get all this medical stuff taken care of now. The visit went with no hitches. I have to say the dentist and his assistant did a superb job and I look forward to getting the next 3 visits done as soon as possible. My next visit is in two weeks.

After the dentist, Wilma and I went TV shopping for the Motor home. Off to Wal-Mart we went, found a display we liked, found a sales rep, and was told they were sold out. She checked with the other stores and one was located at another Wal-Mart about 15 miles away. So off we go to purchase the TV.

Arriving at the 2nd Wal-Mart, the sales rep went to the back of the store to get the 19” TV.  While he was gone, Wilma and I also  found the 25” TV that would fit in the living room of the Motor home. When the sales rep returned with the 19” TV we asked him if he had the 25” TV in stock. Of course the answer would have to be NO as this was Wal-Mart. BUT….they have the 25” TV at a 3rd. Wal-Mart, which was 22 miles away. We asked if they could call and hold it for us, which he did. So out comes the American Express to pay for the 19” TV, and off we head for the 3rd. Wal-Mart.

Never being to this new Wal-Mart, I had to use my On Star navigation to get us there. This worked pretty well for us and we arrived without any problem.

We head to the electronics section to get our 25” TV. They had it for us and I get the American Express out to pay for it. REJECTED! What?!?! NO WAY! Try again. Rejected again! The sales lady says it was probably put on a hold because of the distance between Wal-Mart's and the prior purchase of a TV. Kind of looks like the card may have been stolen she tells us. So I get out the Master Charge card. No problem…we now own TWO brand new TV’s that we traveled at least 40 miles to purchase!

Back in the car, I suggest to Wilma that we stop and get something to eat as now its 2pm and we haven’t had lunch yet. She agreed, so I push On Star again. Take us to the Olive Garden restaurant, and off we go.

We arrive without any problems, enter and were seated. I get out my American Express card and call them. They informed me that the card was put on a “Security hold” for suspicious use. After assuring them I was the owner of the card, and answering all the private questions successfully they took the security hold off. I mentioned to them that I was in an Olive Garden restaurant and would I have a problem using it. No problem, you may use the card, I was told. Which I did with no problem.

I guess I should have been thankful that American Express caught the purchases as a possible stolen card. Now that I think of it, most thieves would go for new TV’s first. But it sure did have my face a little on the red side when I was rejected. I’m glad that’s over and taken care of!

So after I post this I’m getting on the internet to purchase a mounting plate for the 25” TV. I need to get it in my possession soon as Joe should be finishing up the cabinetry within the next couple weeks. Then I’ll be ready to mount the TV in the Motor home. 

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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