Sunday, April 18, 2010

Torn Ligaments, Another Birthday, and things.

Monday the 12th.

Wilma received a call from the specialist about her arm. Seems he needs her to come in TODAY. So she was scheduled between other patients. Wow! Seems pretty serious. She was there promptly at the time they gave her, not knowing what was in store for her.

His diagnosis was 2 torn ligaments. Or 2 tears in one ligament, we didn’t quite understand which. So she received 2 cortisone shots in her upper arm and in the back of the shoulder. She said she has never felt pain like that, and hopes she never will have to get another cortisone shot again.  He instructed her to not keep her arm in a sling all the time, but to move it around. NO pulling, pushing or lifting though. We hope now her arm will heal at a quicker rate.

Tuesday the 13th.

Judy my sister came over to look at some pictures that was E-Mailed from her son in Iowa. Judy doesn’t have internet so I told her I would let her know when I received any pictures for her. She had a ball picking out the ones she wanted printed out. I uploaded them to Walgreens and by the time she arrived there, only 1/4 mile away, they were ready. This way I store all her pictures for her so she will have access to them in the future if needed.

Wednesday the 14th.

After work I went out to dinner with Dad. Like Wilma says, he really is starting to look forward to going out every Wednesday with me. This gives us precious time together where we can talk over things that happened in the past week. I am seeing him more now than when my Mom was alive, not very proud of that fact at all. Wish I would have spent more time with them both.

Thursday the 15th.

My buddy Joe came over with part of the enclosure he is working on for my TV in the Motor home. We both decided on a different plan, one that will be much more sturdy and be able to hold the 25 inch TV I have purchased. Hopefully it will be easier for him now, as he says it will be.

Friday the 16th.

Since Monday evening I have been doing extra chores around the home, helping out Wilma so she won’t put undue strain on her arm. Laundry, dinner, and dishes was calling for me. Received a phone call from the company that is putting the tow bar on my Malibu. Seems the parts have finally arrived and we set 9am Monday as the time to finish the install. I’ll be so happy when that is done and I’m able to tow my car behind my Motor home again.

Saturday the 17th.

Was planning on working in the yard today. Cold, cold, cold is back. Dang it! It never got out of the 40’s today. More inside house work was accomplished. The family all gathered at Dad’s home for Austin’s 13th. Birthday Party. Austin is the son of my youngest sister Catherine. Austin brought along his buddy who is taking a strong interest in Magic. After dinner we were entertained by his magic! Gotta say the kid was pretty darn good. Had us really fooled on a couple of the tricks. It was a fun evening not only for Austin but for the rest of the family.

Sunday the 18th.

Still cold outside, cloudy, looking like it could start raining anytime. More house work, laundry, and dinner was  accomplished by yours truly. Tomorrow will be a busy day for me. First to the Cummings dealer to have the tow bar installation completed. Then a trip to 2 Credit unions to take care of some financial business. (I’m getting completely out of the “banks”). Maybe if the weather is a little warmer, I’ll have time to work on the Motor Home. I have an air leak in the rear air bag system. I really need to find where its coming from and get it fixed. The little air compressor is running twice as much as it should be to keep the pressure up. 

Until next week….be safe and God Bless.


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