Friday, May 21, 2010

Brooke’s and O-Pa’s Birthday

Today, May 21st. is not only my fathers 83rd birthday, it is also my Grand daughter Brooke’s 10th. Birthday.  So Angel, Brooke’s mother had a Birthday celebration for them both together.



The best part of opening of the Birthday Presents is “how much $$$” you receive and what you can buy for yourself. Knowing Brooke, she will buy some fishing tackle. She Loves Fishing!


Pizza, pop, and chips were for dinner. Cake, Pie, and Ice Cream for desert.


Of course my father, being the gentleman he is, sat back taking it all in as Brooke couldn’t hold back her excitement.


After the desert was gone, the kids headed outside to “romp around” and burn off some of the sugar they just consumed. Here is Brooke just a split second before she broke the bubble.




Happy 10th. Birthday Brooke!

This Sunday the family will be celebrating Dad’s Birthday. We are taking him out for lunch and then we all will be returning to my home for Cake & Ice Cream. That is when he will receive his Birthday cards and gifts.

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