Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dad’s Birthday Celebration

Last Sunday the family gathered at our home to celebrate Dad’s 83rd. Birthday.


In attendance were his 4 children with their spouses, 5  Grandchildren, and 6 Great Grandchildren.

As the weather was just perfect, we all gathered outside on our deck. After lighting the  candles, we all sang happy birthday to him as he watched the candles burning. After the singing, he (we hope) made his wish and then the strangest thing happened. Just as he started to blow out the candles, a very light breeze came by and helped him blow out the candles! We all made several comments about that, but the best one I think was the one Wilma made. She said “That was Mom helping you blow out the candles Dad.” As this was his first Birthday without Mom, that was very believable.


Here is Angel, the eldest Grandchild with Hayden, the youngest Great Grandchild. Haden is the son of Melissa and Nick, my brother Ken’s daughter. 





Dad with Haden, his youngest Great Grandchild, with Judy my sister looking on.





Dad with his children. Myself, Ken, Catherine, and Judy.





Dad with Ken’s family.  Margie, Ken, Dad, Melissa, Haden, and Nick.





Dad with my family. Me, Dad, Wilma, and Angel. Tina couldn’t attend as she was home with a migraine head ache.





Dad with daughter Judy.



Somehow we missed my sister Catherine with her two boys, Austin and Nathan.  The top picture show’s Catherine taking a picture and directly behind Dad is Nathan. Dog gone it anyway! I wish I would have paid more attention and got that picture.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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