Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birthday Celebration’s & Vacation

Thursday after I arrive home from work, we are expecting around 25 family members and friends to celebrate Grandson Dakota’s and Wilma’s Birthday.

On the menu is burgers, knockwurst, potato salad, hot dogs, cold slaw, chips, pop, watermelon, cake and ice cream. Mmmm Goood.

I really gotta start watching my portions as the weight is creeping up and I’m starting to feel miserable. So I’ll probably skip the cake and ice cream, in place of that I’ll have a small piece of watermelon.

Vacation is planned for going to Mackinaw to celebrate the holiday. We are also planning on riding our bikes around the Island, which I’ve heard is a total of 8 miles. Wilma and I have never attempted a trip of this length but with our new forward pedal Trek bikes we should have no problem. We are both looking forward to it.

As the laptop has the Linux Mint operating system on it, I’m not quite sure if I’ll be able to update the blog with any pictures. I’m going to give it my best using Blogger instead of Windows Live Writer. Wish me luck.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baptism – Drive In Movie – Fathers Day

Have we ever been busy these last few weeks. So much so that just about every evening I would want to update the Blog, but just was too tired to do so.

So going back to the 13th of June. My brother Ken and his wife Margie participated in their church’s semi annual Baptism. It was held at Lake St. Clair starting at 4pm. There must have been close to 50 people that participated in the Baptism.




As Margie was un-able to walk into the Lake, she was sprinkled with the Lake water, as the Pastor and Assistant Pastor performed the Baptism.



DSC_0140 Next it was Ken’s turn to walk out to meet the Pastors and receive his baptism. Being taller than most, he instinctively tried to keep his head above water.

<- Here he is coming up without complete submersion.



So it was discussed between himself and the Preachers to “redo” his Baptism again. This time the Preachers made sure he went completely under water. Looks like even the Preacher received a little more water than previous “dunks” by the look on his face.


After the complete Baptism of all members participating, Ken insisted we go to dinner. We all met at the restaurant of his choice and he paid the bill! Thank you Ken, but after all, it was our honor to witness your Baptism.

June 18th. Drive In Movie

Wilma and I are big fans of Drive In Movies. As they are becoming more and more scarce, you can imagine her excitement when she saw an advertisement of a “new” Drive In opening at the Silverdome. The Silverdome is where the NFL Detroit Lions used to play. As a new stadium was built in Detroit for them, the Silverdome has stood empty for many years. That is until someone had a dream to open a Drive In. Three screens were erected at the edge of the parking lot. Each screen has a separate radio station to tune into when the movie starts.


We arrived early…..(had to get our very best parking spot!) We wanted to see “The A Team”. Showing with that movie was “Marmaduke”. We had the middle screen and from our vantage point we could see each of the other movies being shown. If you didn’t like the movie, you could just drive your car to the next screen. We didn’t do that as we were happy with our choice.


This shows how far we were from the Silverdome. The two “mobile trailers” off center to the left is the concession stand and restrooms. Actually it looks farther than it was, pictures just don’t do justice as we all know.

We both enjoyed ourselves, even though it just wasn’t quite like the “ol” Drive In from yesteryear.

June 19th. Fathers Day

Fathers Day was first celebrated with my family. Pizza was on the menu for lunch on this bright Sunny warm day. Following lunch each of the Grand Kids gave me their very own hand made “Happy Fathers Day Card”. What a special time for all of us. Each of the kids were so very proud of the card they made me, and I got a chance to show each of them separately how much I liked their cards.

DSC_0158 DSC_0160 DSC_0159

DSC_0162 DSC_0163

The Five Grand Kids above. Dakota hates to have his picture taken, but a hug would do just fine.


Then it was time for a hug and group picture with my two beautiful daughters. Angel on the left and Tina on the right.

Thanks kids for the wonderful memories of this Fathers Day. It was great and very much appreciated.


When the family left for the day, Wilma and I headed over to Dad’s home to celebrate Fathers Day with him along with my brother and sisters. We also celebrated Nathan’s Birthday, which is the son of my sister Catherine.  Happy Fathers Day Dad, we all Love you!


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Angel’s College Ceremony.

Our eldest daughter Angel received her Associates degree 3 weeks ago, but Saturday afternoon was the official ceremony.  DSC_0047



All ready to leave for the ceremony. DSC_0042


Can you tell Mom, Dad and daughter/grand-daughter is mighty proud of our college grad?


During the ceremony the college professors picked the leading grade scorer to represent the class. In her speech she mentioned that she was the first in her family to receive a College Degree. I thought a moment and realized Angel, my daughter, also is the first in the family to receive a College Degree. And that’s going back through both sides, Wilma and my family. Neither of our parent or Grandparents ever had the chance to attend a College.

When Brooke heard us talking about that after the ceremony, she asked why we didn’t go to college. Angel explained that it wasn’t always necessary back in the olden days. BUT in today’s times it’s a requirement. “So you plan on going to College young lady! It’s a must!”

Following the Ceremony we all went to Dimitris-Rendezvous http://detroit.metromix.com/restaurants/seafood/dimitris-rendezvous-throughout-michigan/332730/content for dinner.

DSC_0102 Brooke wanted Flaming Cheese, so for starters we ordered two Flaming Cheese dishes.

George, our waiter, a neighbor of Angel’s, was a superb waiter. He is very well known and requested often.



After a wonderful dinner, we all said our good-byes and Wilma and I came home to relax after a busy day. I believe it was around 8:30pm when we went to bed.

What a wonderful day and memory we have all shared. Way to go Angel! You are now our family ROCK! You have accomplished something very special and we are ever so proud of you.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another set back for Brother Ken

It's been a week since the last blog entry, only because there has not been alot of things going on with us.

I did manage to get the oil and oil filter changed in the motor home. Also while draining the oil in the generator I noticed that it looked brand new. So I didn't bother changing the filter. Checking the hours since last oil change shows I only put a few hours on the new oil. I really need to start running it on a monthly basis. I guess it's better to run a generator once in a while, than to let it just sit.

My sister Catherine should be moving into their "new to them" home in the next week or so. They have been getting it in tip top shape before they move in. I can't wait to see how nice it's going to be after they move in.

My brother Ken had a major set back with his eye. Seems his retina tore again requiring more surgery. I asked him how that happened as he was told the last surgery was a success. Seems that the area of the incision creates a scar. As this scar heals, it shrinks causing tightness of the retina. This in turn caused it to tear again. Last Thursday at 12:30pm he went into surgery for the third time. We were told it was another successful surgery. So now once again we put our faith in God that He will heal my brother and things will return to normal for him and his family. Good luck my brother, our prayers are with you every day.

I have also contacted my electrician friend at work to do a job for me. I'm going to have the extra electric meter removed and everything tied into the main meter. Detroit Edison says that by installing this "special" meter for your AC, it will save you money. Well you have to do the math people! Which after about 7 years I finally did. Nothing like putting off a simple job huh?! Anyway the way the program works, you save 1 penny per KWH compared to the normal rate. So the minute you turn on the AC, the meter starts moving. This causes the "unmentioned" monthly service charge for the meter! And what is that amount you ask? Try $2.50 per month. So I estimated it would take me about 15 days of use per month to save $2.50. Then for the next 15 days that month you will save a whopping $2.50. And for this service the meter is controlled with a radio frequency where they (Detroit Edison), can shut down your AC anytime they wish. Which we all know is on the hottest part of the days when the load is the most. To beat all, it only shuts down the compressor and condenser fan, NOT the furnace blower. So the humidity that had been pulled out of the air will now be returned to the conditioned space because the compressor is not running! So you can figure it will cost MORE to have this meter installed than if you didn't. Why O Why didn't I do the math so many years ago!
My electrician buddy was supposed to come out sometime this weekend to remove the meter but he called and asked if he could do it during the week. Wednesday was the day agreed upon, weather permitting. Keeping my fingers crossed the weather won't be a problem.

Tomorrow is yard work day. I'm in need of a walkway between the drive and the deck. The area it covers, the motorhome has to drive over getting it out of the yard. So it has been a struggle finding a material that would hold up to driving on. I tried just gravel but we both decided that we didn't care for the look after a few years. So on to plan B. I'll post an update about it in the future.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.