Saturday, June 12, 2010

Angel’s College Ceremony.

Our eldest daughter Angel received her Associates degree 3 weeks ago, but Saturday afternoon was the official ceremony.  DSC_0047



All ready to leave for the ceremony. DSC_0042


Can you tell Mom, Dad and daughter/grand-daughter is mighty proud of our college grad?


During the ceremony the college professors picked the leading grade scorer to represent the class. In her speech she mentioned that she was the first in her family to receive a College Degree. I thought a moment and realized Angel, my daughter, also is the first in the family to receive a College Degree. And that’s going back through both sides, Wilma and my family. Neither of our parent or Grandparents ever had the chance to attend a College.

When Brooke heard us talking about that after the ceremony, she asked why we didn’t go to college. Angel explained that it wasn’t always necessary back in the olden days. BUT in today’s times it’s a requirement. “So you plan on going to College young lady! It’s a must!”

Following the Ceremony we all went to Dimitris-Rendezvous for dinner.

DSC_0102 Brooke wanted Flaming Cheese, so for starters we ordered two Flaming Cheese dishes.

George, our waiter, a neighbor of Angel’s, was a superb waiter. He is very well known and requested often.



After a wonderful dinner, we all said our good-byes and Wilma and I came home to relax after a busy day. I believe it was around 8:30pm when we went to bed.

What a wonderful day and memory we have all shared. Way to go Angel! You are now our family ROCK! You have accomplished something very special and we are ever so proud of you.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless

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