Monday, July 19, 2010

132nd. Annual Family Reunion

Yesterday was the Hagedorn 132nd. consecutive family reunion. What a great time we had seeing so many of the cousins and their families. I have to say though, there are more “family” members that I don’t know than I do know.



The eldest in attendance, my fathers’ sister, Aunt Ella, at 93! 



Aunt Ella is a spitting image of her mother, my Grandmother. My Grandmother lived to her 88th. Birth year, and didn’t have problems with her spine like my Aunt Ella. But other than that they, in my mind, are identical.


The shallow river running through the park is a favorite place to catch minnows, crayfish, and snails.


Grand Daughter Haley shows that she isn’t afraid to pick up a crayfish, or is it a crawl daddy?



My 3 ladies.

Daughter Angel, Wilma, and Daughter Tina.

It is customary that Grace is said before the pot luck dinner at 1pm sharp. This was the first year that I can remember that Grace was said about 20 minutes after 1pm. I believe the reason is the extra large gathering of family members this year, as there were many looking for a place to sit at the available tables.

The table with all the assortment of every kind of food was actually 24 feet long! There wasn’t any room left over to place even a single plate. Plenty of food for everyone, even though it took almost 45 minutes for everyone to get their plate full.


After dinner, most gathered under the shade of the trees, while the kids played organized games according to their age groups. Prizes awarded to the winners!

In years past, as a small child, I could remember that after dinner and the games, the “men” would get a soft ball game going. This is not the case today, as I believe most of the “men” of today carry just a little excess more weight than our for fathers. But the organized games are still a big hit with the kids.


Tina and Grand daughter Savannah pointing to a picture taken of her a few years ago at a family reunion.

A tradition that has been kept alive is the taking of pictures at each reunion. They are then placed on a poster board and displayed each year. It’s amazing that these poster boards and pictures go back to the early 1900’s. Seeing my dad as a small child is fascinating for my grandchildren.


Sitting around talking about the reunions of the past with cousin Larry, Dad, and brother Ken.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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