Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mom Passed One Year Ago Today

Today marks 1 year of the passing of my mother. Wilma and I took a ride out to the Cemetary this afternoon. Shed a tear, and had a little talk with mom. Like my cousin says, think of it not as a date of moms passing, but as a birthday of her enterance into heaven. Pretty nice way of thinking of it that way.

On the way home from the Cemetary, Wilma spotted an estate sale. We went in looking at all the good deals

Yesterday I measured the distance between the bottom of the mud flaps and the ground. This morning it showed the same, didn't drop an inch. That's great!

Wilma and I decided to take the MH out for a short drive on a winding road to work the leveling valves. After our short drive we arrived back home and I took another mesurement. In a few days I'll check it again. Hopefully it will be at the same height.

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