Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Leveling Control Valve Installed

This morning the weather didn’t look to great for working outside. At 7am it was already up to 78with what seemed like 100% humidity. Clouds passed dropping a light sprinkle for about a half hour, then clearing up again. Soon within an hour it sprinkled again.

I was anxious to get as much done on the replacement of the leveling control valve as I could today. Reading the instructions, and comparing the new with my original valve, I noticed the new valve is reversed of the old. A phone call to the parts counter where it was purchased verified that they only come one way and you must create a bracket system for the install. I expected this for an answer, but just wanted to make sure before I start to pre-fab a bracket.

Around 9am I headed out to the Credit Union, Gas station, and finally to Lowes to pick up some angle iron.


This is how the Original Valve looked with soap bubbles sprayed on it to verify  leaking air. The bracket it hangs from is located directly between the valve and the air bag.




This shows the original valve removed along with the bracket. You can still see the mounting bolts of the bracket just to the right of the red air line.

To the right of the axle differential sticking straight vertical is the linkage that will be connected to the new valve.


Careful measurements were taken many, many times, comparing the old valve set up with the new valve. It seemed like an hour went by before I started cutting the angle iron to the length I figured I needed. Two pieces were needed, one 7 inches long and the other 4 inches long.

I determined that I could use the original bracket by bolting the 7” angle iron horizontal from it, then bolting the 4” angle iron vertically to the 7” piece. The new Valve would be bolted to the 4” angle iron. More measuring was done because I didn’t cherish the thought of making a mistake and cutting the angle iron by hand any more times than what was needed. Like the saying goes, measure twice cut once. Well I believe I measured a dozen times and cut once. Better to be safe than sorry.


Here I am installing the new valve. Wilma stayed along side of the MH in case I needed any tool or items. It turned out I did need several different tools that she retrieved for me, along with handing me the camera so I could take these under the MH shots.

Thanks Hon…you made this job much easier for me.



The new valve installed showing the new angle iron bolted together with red painted bolts and lock washers.

The red air line is the supply air to the valve. The pressure is around 110lbs per square inch. The center port is the air that goes to the air bags. The top port is the dump line, used when there is too much air in the bags and needs to be relieved.

IMG_0010Here you can see part of the original bracket, with the new angle iron extending from it. The new valve is mounted above this angle iron. The linkage on the axle had to be adjusted for proper height of the air bags prior to airing up the system. I thought this would be tricky, but I just disconnected the other linkage and measured the space from the top of the linkage to the arm of the valve. Adjusted both sides to be the same and crossed my fingers. Then re-attached both level control valves.


IMG_0012Here is the new valve completely hooked up. Just below the new angle iron is the original mounting plate. The two holes drilled into it is where the original valve was mounted.

I completed this project around 4pm. stopping a half hour for lunch. Man O Man, I don’t work this hard at work! But it’s more fun when you are doing work for you, not the company.

Hopefully my new installation will not give us any problems. Tomorrow morning I will go out and measure the distance between the mud flap and the ground. Hopefully it will measure 7 inches. If it’s less than 7 inches then I still have an air leak in the system Sad smile

It’s now 6:30. All showered up, fed a great supper prepared by my great wife, looking out the window and the sun is shinning, and a great feeling of having completed this job, Life Is Good, knocking on my wooden desk as I write this blog so I don’t jinx myself.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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