Friday, July 16, 2010

Repair MH Air Bag System

Yesterday I made plans to work on the MH today. We have a small air leak in the Axle Air Bag system that really needs to be found and repaired.



On the left is how close the mud flap is to the ground with the air system empty. On the right you see the increase of about 5 inches with the air system at full pressure.


When the MH was new the system would loose about half it’s pressure during the winter, or about 4 months. Now it looses all it’s pressure within 24 hours!  This much leakage causes the small air compressor to continually run while we are driving down the road. Not acceptable at all.

We have Main Air Bags on the drive dully wheel axle, one on each side. Plus the Tag axle has a smaller air bag on each side. The Main and Tag air bags on the left side of the MH are supplied by a single 1/4 inch air line and hooked together in series. The same for the right side of the MH.



Left picture, the Main Axle air bag, the picture on the right, the Tag Axle air bag. Both are supplied the same amount of air by a “leveling control valve”.



Each side is of the MH is controlled by a separate “leveling control valve” that is mounted on the frame. The movable arm on the valve is connected with linkages to the main axle.



When turning, the MH will lean in the opposite direction of the turn. So when the lean starts, the valves, depending on which side of the MH, will either raise or lower. This will in turn raise or lower the arm on the leveling control valve.

Let’s say we are making a right turn. The MH will lean to the left. The control valve on the drivers side of the rear axle will be moved closer to the axle, thus moving the arm up, thus opening the air to the bags on this side inflating them. Just the opposite happens on the other side of the MH axle, thus dumping air from those bags. This unison operation of adjusting the pressures helps to keep the MH level at all times.

So after much “belly flopping” under the MH with a spray bottle of “bubbles soap” I found the leak! It only took a couple hours, ;(



The Leveling control valve on the passenger side had a leak. So another hour went by to disconnect linkages, air lines and un-bolt the mounting plate the valve was bolted to, before I had the valve in my hands.


The internet proved handy once again, as I located a Winnebago parts company in Iowa, click here for their web site. Explaining to the parts man on the phone what I needed, and giving him the VIN and Serial Number of the MH, he felt he might be able to locate a new valve. He did say that he had a stack of orders ahead of me, so he took my phone number and will call me when he has more information.

So now I wait. I really hate waiting, but I don’t have much choice as I called the MH Dealer’s parts person where I purchased our MH, and he was certain he wouldn’t be able to find the part I need. So much for the dealers that you buy your RV’s from!

Wish us luck on our venture to repair our MH.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless

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