Friday, July 23, 2010

Work on MH, weather permitting.

Last Friday, July 16th. I first blogged about the repair of our MH’s self leveling valve. It has been a long week, with 5 days of waiting for a response from Terry of Mobility RV.

Steaming madNeedless to say the least, I’m pretty upset with this guy!

Last Friday I first placed the call to him. Explaining what the valve looked like and all the information he asked me for about the MH. I even sent him via email a few pictures of it, hopefully making his job a little easier. He informed me that he had a few orders ahead of me and that he would phone me as soon as he had a price and availability. So I presumed I would not hear from him over the week-end.

Monday came and I was pacing the floor by noon. Wilma suggested I take the faulty valve to the heavy truck repair shop and see if they might have a replacement. I kind of blew her off suggesting that Terry would be calling me today and he probably would have an exact replacement. So I waited, and waited some more. Finally at 5:15pm I phoned Mobility RV. Being in Iowa, I figured they were 2 hours behind us. But I got a recording about their business hours and that they were closed. So I missed them by 15 minutes.

Tuesday came and at 10:30am I placed another call to Mobility RV. A woman answered this time. I explained that I talked to Terry on Friday, he should have found my part by now and phoned me. She took the information and said she would forward it to Terry. I waited again for a phone call. None was made to me.

Wednesday came and now I’m getting furious that Terry hasn’t called to at least tell me his progress. I call Mobility again around 1pm. Talked to the same woman as yesterday, explained the situation. She informed me she had forwarded the information to Terry and would do it again. I told her no thank you, I didn’t want to do business with Terry, I needed to talk to someone else who could help me. She then said she would look into it and get right back with me. An hour later she phoned me and told me the two venders could not match the item in need. She suggested I take the part to a heavy truck repair shop, as trucks all have this type of valve on them. I thanked her for her work and expressed my displeasure about the way I was handled by Terry again, suggesting the management be notified of this.

I should have listened to my brilliant Wife Wilma!

Thursday, on the way home from work, I stopped at home to pick up the valve. Headed for the the heavy truck repair shop nearest my home and presented the parts person with my faulty valve. Within a half hour he produced a new one, made by a different company than the original, but looked as it may work. He assured me it would work and gave me the price of $74.00 for the new one. I paid for it, walked out and had a happy feeling that I would be able to repair our MH.

Here it is Friday a week since I first worked on the MH. We had a strong thunderstorm around 2pm this afternoon. Lasted about a half hour. Then the sun came out again and the humidity is around 90% with temps in the high 80’s. More severe storms are forecasted for later this evening. This is why I’m sitting in our air conditioned home, writing this blog, instead of under the MH. Hopefully tomorrow the weather will be nice enough for me to get this repair done.

I’ll post again with the outcome. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. Good luck with the new valve. It is maddening when service people are this disinterested.
    Better trust your wife's instincts next time ☺