Sunday, August 29, 2010

Camping with daughter Tina

Tina my daughter, mother of 4 children, and being a single mom, was in need of a camping trip to un-wind. So a few months ago we planned on this past week end to go camping. Angel, my eldest daughter also was invited but elected to stay at home with her daughter.

We hadn’t even arrived at the campground and Tina said that she already could feel the stress leaving her. We arrived at the campground Friday afternoon around 3pm with no plans and no schedule of things to do. I told her it was her weekend to do what ever she wished, I just wanted to take her out to dinner to Whitey's Restaurant. They are known for their fish dinners. So we decided to go on Friday evening.

She ordered a steak, I ordered Canadian Walleye. Both meals were delicious.

Saturday morning came and I had breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, and hot coffee ready when she awoke. She kept saying how delicious it was. I think this morning she thanked me again for the second time for bringing her camping. I re-assured her that because she works so hard at making a living and taking care of her home and kids, she was well deserving of this time away.


After breakfast we both did what we enjoyed best. I’m on the computer, she is knitting a blanket for Rebecca her daughter.

Tina was so relaxed she ended up taking 2 naps on Saturday!  After her second nap we were sitting outside and she  mentioned she could hear an ice cream truck, or something playing that kind of music. I thought I did too so we went for a bike ride to the other side of the campground and found this…




It’s what the resort called “A day at the carnival”. All inflated rides for the little ones to enjoy.





You just can’t go to a carnival without a hot dog to enjoy. And they were great. I guess the atmosphere had a lot to do with it also.



This lady played for 4 hours straight! It was an air powered Pipe organ, and she played it perfectly. Sounded a little like the music of large “Merry-Go-Rounds”. This is where the music was coming from that we heard on the other side of the lake! It was amazing how this added to the atmosphere. I was feeling bad that this event hadn’t happened when we bought the grandkids just a few weeks prior. They would have loved it!



We left the carnival and rode the bikes around the campground making sure we stopped at the famous “Tree in the middle of the road”. It’s an old Oak tree, and they blacktopped the road around both sides of it. I sure hope it still gets enough water to live. It’s always been a great conversation piece.




Later that evening we sat around the campfire until midnight, talking and eating a few roasted marshmallows. I can’t begin to remember what all we talked about, seemed like everything. Great Father/Daughter conversations.


Sunday morning we were back home by 2pm. Her kids were delighted to see her return and couldn’t wait to tell her everything that they did with Na-Na. Pizza and games at Chuck-E-Cheese. School shopping. Loosing our power when the neighbors tree fell on the power line. It’s amazing all the “stuff” that happens in a couple days!

Tina and I had a wonderful time. Quality time spent with Father and Daughter. Before she left to go home, she hugged and thanked me again for a wonderful week-end. I think that probably was the 5th. time she thanked me. And I could tell it truly was from her heart. Your welcome Tina….I’m happy when my family is happy!


Until next time, be safe and God Bless

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tornado touched down!

Last Thursday evening I just knew we would be close to a Tornado. Speeding home from Dad’s I did see the funnel cloud with lightning within it. I made it home just minutes before the storm hit our home.

According to the Newspaper article there were 2 Tornado’s that were confirmed and touched down. One at 19 Mile Rd and Hayes traveling toward 15 Mile Rd and Harper.  The second Tornado touched down at 16 Mile Rd and Groesbeck traveling toward 14 Mile Rd and Harper. Our home is at 17 Mile Rd and Gratiot, which is dead in the center of both Tornado’s!

The one that touched down at 16 Mile Rd and Groesbeck is the one I saw…..literally just minutes before it touched down.

Below it the article from the paper.

Macomb Daily Tornado Article

Macomb Daily Tornado Article2












Map picture

According to the article, the 1st. Tornado started at 22 mile rd and hayes. To the far left of the map you can see Hayes. It traveled SE toward 19 Mile Rd. and Hayes and lifted at 15 Mile Rd and Harper.

Tornado #2 touched down at 16 Mile Rd and Groesbeck. On the map there is a number 97 at that location. My home is just NE a mile, about where the “A” in S Gratiot Ave is.

So if you drew two lines of the paths of each Tornado, I was just missed by the Grace of God, from Tornado #1.


This experience has given a new meaning for us now when we see damage on TV from Tornado’s. And I just can’t understand why anyone would want to be a storm chaser! Way to scary for me as the one I saw that touched down at 16 Mile Rd and Groesbeck just moments after I passed that intersection going North almost 80 MPH in a 45 zone.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tornado hits VERY close to home

Last Thursday after taking Dad out to dinner, I was visiting him at his home. The sun was shining, weather looked great. Then the air raid sirens went off.

Left and headed for home. On my way home going through the several cities you could hear all the sirens going off, so I just knew something was up.

Looked to the West and I saw the funnel cloud forming! Lightening flashing in it but it just wasn't touching down. Heading straight for my home!

Driving on a road with a 45mph speed limit didn't mean anything as I reached speeds of 80MPH to get home before it got to our home.

Wilma already had all the Grand kids and Angel at our home ready to head for the basement.

It wasn't 15 minutes after I arrived home that the storm hit us with a force. Wow what strong winds followed by pea size hale that covered the deck. Wilma headed for the basement with everyone, I watched for a funnel cloud. Couldn't see one as it was raining so much.

The tree branches were moving in all directions, bending over almost touching the ground. Normally they are about 13 feet from the ground.

The neighbors tree couldn't take the force of the winds and snapped, landing on his home. A few of the branches traveled 100 feet to land in our street, which blocked any kind of traffic.

You can see the tree stump at the rear of the home.

This was the 4th. time in about 5 years that this neighbor has had a tree on his home. There was a tree removing company working for the last week in his back yard removing trees, but they told him that the remaining tree was sound. Guess they didn't figure we were going to have a tornado go just above us the next day!

After it was over, the neighbors all came out to start cleaning up. We were lucky this time as our side of the street still had power, the other side had none. Along with at least a square mile west of us.

Angel and Tina's Mobile home park lost its power when a utility pole just 150 feet from Tina's home snapped in two, blowing out a transformer.

The deputy couldn't get around the tree and had to turn around.

Helped my neighbor Chuck move the branch to the side of the road. He had the Jeep, I had the cable.

We moved it enough to clear the road for vehicles to pass.

The smaller one I man handled out of the way.....barely!

It's amazing how small they look but how heavy they actually are. I was just able to move it myself....guess in my young age I must be getting weaker? :-)

It's Saturday morning, a generator across the street is still running, Angel and Tina's Mobile home park is still without power. Looks like family will be staying another night with us as it's too warm in the Mobile home to sleep.

This tornado was extremely close, just above us, and we all thank God for sparing us.

Until next time, be safe and God bless.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Haley, Dakota, and Rebecca’s Camping Trip

We just got back home from 3 days of joy.

Wilma and I took our Grandchildren Haley, Dakota and Savannah on their annual camping trip. The weather forecast was for hot and humid, and I have to say the weather men guessed correctly this time. All three days were in the 90’s with 200% humidityDisappointed smile


Friday morning we had our famous “Bacon and Eggs” breakfast. Pa does cook the eggs to order, Haley scrambled, everyone else over medium.


Pa and Dakota has a round of Putt-Putt Golf. No score kept as I didn’t want to be shown up by my 13 year old Grandson! Smile


Savannah wanted to play on the assortment of playground equipment.



Moving from one side of the Resort and Lake to the other was a little long for little Savannah to ride her bike. So we had this idea for her.

As we came upon people, we told her to wave and watch them smile and wave back at her. At first she was a little shy, but after the third trip of many she really had fun waving at everyone, getting a little giggle once in a while when waved back to.

As the day progressed, the heat was on high, so a trip to the beach was in order.


Haley stayed in the shade for a while while Pa explained the art of meditating.

She gave it a try…


Nope didn’t work. But she did enjoy herself at the beach.


Meanwhile, Dakota and Savannah get ready to go into the water.


A little fun splashing around in the water.



A little fun trying to catch minnows, no luck though this time.

Then it was time for a campfire and Smores.

DSC_0646Pa getting a good chuckle watching Savannah with the melted marshmallows.


Even Na-Na had a tiny bite of Smores.

Mmmm Good!

After the fire went down, it was bed time for Na-Na and Pa as the kids watched some TV.

As the high temperatures kept everyone fairly inactive, we still managed to make another trip to the beach. Haley to this day to be alone in the air conditioned Motor home and enjoy her “my time”.

After an early supper of Pa’s famous “Pa’s Burgers” there was a need to go to the snack bar for some ice cream!

DSC_0670Dakota showing Na-Na his chocolate ice cream cone.

DSC_0677Looks like he really enjoyed it too!

Savannah sits with Na-Na enjoying her vanilla ice cream in a bowl. Smart girl as it would have been impossible for her to keep up with it melting in the heat.

This also is an annual treat for them while camping.

As the evening progressed, another campfire with…..yep….more Smores!


It was determined that Haley was the best “cooker of the marshmallows”.


While Dakota lent a hand assembling the Smores.

But I think it was Savannah who enjoyed them the most!


We arrived back home on Sunday around 1:30pm, safe and sound. Another wonderful time with our Grandkids, and hopefully created more fond memories for them.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brooke and Rebecca’s Camping Trip

Wilma and I survived another camping trip with our 10 year old grand daughters this past weekend.


On our way there Thursday evening around 6pm, Wilma noticed they were both resting up for a busy week-end.

They both have been looking forward to this weekend for months now, and I guess the excitement got the best of them.



Friday morning they were up and planning on what all they were going to do prior to getting out of bed.

While “Pa” (that’s what they call me instead of Grandpa) had breakfast cooking outside, they were inside getting dressed and ready to tackle the day.


First on the agenda after breakfast was a fun splash in the outdoor pool. Na-Na (that’s what they call Wilma instead of Grandma) was also there keeping an eye on them. It’s a Resort rule that you must be accompanied by an adult if under 18.



The rest of the day was spent riding their bikes to and from the store, and arcade. They each were given a set amount of cash from Pa to spend on what ever they wanted. It was funny to watch how they both planned on how much they could spend each day so they wouldn’t run out.


Following a fun filled day was a delicious dinner including a BBQ slow roasted Chicken and corn on the cob.


Just before bed time for Na-Na and Pa, the girls painted a small gift to give to their mom’s.






Saturday morning and many things to do!


First was the morning bike ride…



while Wilma and I walked Kybee our little Pug.

Taking a break at the top of the hill.




Then there was Putt-Putt to conquer. And a fine job they did of that as no score was kept, so they were both winners!







From Putt-Putt to the Paddle Boat. I had the best seat!!!









Can’t forget the famous “Molly the Trolley” ride!







Then it was time for the famous “Smores”




Mmmm  Goood!





Angel joined us on Sunday Morning, after breakfast, time for the Beach!



Looking for Minnows.






Then there was fishing to do from the dock and shore.

DSC_0580Baby Blue Gills.





Wilma and Kybee enjoying the scenery across the lake.



The Resort is still in development, adding 300 campsites, cabins, and a water park.


The weather was just perfect for a wonderful time with our Grand kids. Angel took the girls home Sunday evening and  with in an hour it started to rain. Perfect timing!

We pulled out around 11:30am Monday morning, stopping at our friends home. Gary and Cheryl live about 25 miles from the Resort, and it was good to visit with them for a few hours. Can’t forget about stopping for an ice cream cone, sugar free of course, on the way home.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.