Sunday, August 29, 2010

Camping with daughter Tina

Tina my daughter, mother of 4 children, and being a single mom, was in need of a camping trip to un-wind. So a few months ago we planned on this past week end to go camping. Angel, my eldest daughter also was invited but elected to stay at home with her daughter.

We hadn’t even arrived at the campground and Tina said that she already could feel the stress leaving her. We arrived at the campground Friday afternoon around 3pm with no plans and no schedule of things to do. I told her it was her weekend to do what ever she wished, I just wanted to take her out to dinner to Whitey's Restaurant. They are known for their fish dinners. So we decided to go on Friday evening.

She ordered a steak, I ordered Canadian Walleye. Both meals were delicious.

Saturday morning came and I had breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, and hot coffee ready when she awoke. She kept saying how delicious it was. I think this morning she thanked me again for the second time for bringing her camping. I re-assured her that because she works so hard at making a living and taking care of her home and kids, she was well deserving of this time away.


After breakfast we both did what we enjoyed best. I’m on the computer, she is knitting a blanket for Rebecca her daughter.

Tina was so relaxed she ended up taking 2 naps on Saturday!  After her second nap we were sitting outside and she  mentioned she could hear an ice cream truck, or something playing that kind of music. I thought I did too so we went for a bike ride to the other side of the campground and found this…




It’s what the resort called “A day at the carnival”. All inflated rides for the little ones to enjoy.





You just can’t go to a carnival without a hot dog to enjoy. And they were great. I guess the atmosphere had a lot to do with it also.



This lady played for 4 hours straight! It was an air powered Pipe organ, and she played it perfectly. Sounded a little like the music of large “Merry-Go-Rounds”. This is where the music was coming from that we heard on the other side of the lake! It was amazing how this added to the atmosphere. I was feeling bad that this event hadn’t happened when we bought the grandkids just a few weeks prior. They would have loved it!



We left the carnival and rode the bikes around the campground making sure we stopped at the famous “Tree in the middle of the road”. It’s an old Oak tree, and they blacktopped the road around both sides of it. I sure hope it still gets enough water to live. It’s always been a great conversation piece.




Later that evening we sat around the campfire until midnight, talking and eating a few roasted marshmallows. I can’t begin to remember what all we talked about, seemed like everything. Great Father/Daughter conversations.


Sunday morning we were back home by 2pm. Her kids were delighted to see her return and couldn’t wait to tell her everything that they did with Na-Na. Pizza and games at Chuck-E-Cheese. School shopping. Loosing our power when the neighbors tree fell on the power line. It’s amazing all the “stuff” that happens in a couple days!

Tina and I had a wonderful time. Quality time spent with Father and Daughter. Before she left to go home, she hugged and thanked me again for a wonderful week-end. I think that probably was the 5th. time she thanked me. And I could tell it truly was from her heart. Your welcome Tina….I’m happy when my family is happy!


Until next time, be safe and God Bless

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