Sunday, August 15, 2010

Haley, Dakota, and Rebecca’s Camping Trip

We just got back home from 3 days of joy.

Wilma and I took our Grandchildren Haley, Dakota and Savannah on their annual camping trip. The weather forecast was for hot and humid, and I have to say the weather men guessed correctly this time. All three days were in the 90’s with 200% humidityDisappointed smile


Friday morning we had our famous “Bacon and Eggs” breakfast. Pa does cook the eggs to order, Haley scrambled, everyone else over medium.


Pa and Dakota has a round of Putt-Putt Golf. No score kept as I didn’t want to be shown up by my 13 year old Grandson! Smile


Savannah wanted to play on the assortment of playground equipment.



Moving from one side of the Resort and Lake to the other was a little long for little Savannah to ride her bike. So we had this idea for her.

As we came upon people, we told her to wave and watch them smile and wave back at her. At first she was a little shy, but after the third trip of many she really had fun waving at everyone, getting a little giggle once in a while when waved back to.

As the day progressed, the heat was on high, so a trip to the beach was in order.


Haley stayed in the shade for a while while Pa explained the art of meditating.

She gave it a try…


Nope didn’t work. But she did enjoy herself at the beach.


Meanwhile, Dakota and Savannah get ready to go into the water.


A little fun splashing around in the water.



A little fun trying to catch minnows, no luck though this time.

Then it was time for a campfire and Smores.

DSC_0646Pa getting a good chuckle watching Savannah with the melted marshmallows.


Even Na-Na had a tiny bite of Smores.

Mmmm Good!

After the fire went down, it was bed time for Na-Na and Pa as the kids watched some TV.

As the high temperatures kept everyone fairly inactive, we still managed to make another trip to the beach. Haley to this day to be alone in the air conditioned Motor home and enjoy her “my time”.

After an early supper of Pa’s famous “Pa’s Burgers” there was a need to go to the snack bar for some ice cream!

DSC_0670Dakota showing Na-Na his chocolate ice cream cone.

DSC_0677Looks like he really enjoyed it too!

Savannah sits with Na-Na enjoying her vanilla ice cream in a bowl. Smart girl as it would have been impossible for her to keep up with it melting in the heat.

This also is an annual treat for them while camping.

As the evening progressed, another campfire with…..yep….more Smores!


It was determined that Haley was the best “cooker of the marshmallows”.


While Dakota lent a hand assembling the Smores.

But I think it was Savannah who enjoyed them the most!


We arrived back home on Sunday around 1:30pm, safe and sound. Another wonderful time with our Grandkids, and hopefully created more fond memories for them.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. Oh my goodness!! I just love reading your blog, Dad! You have an amazing talent for writing. It felt like I was there, enjoying the trip with all of you! The pictures are awesome, and tell such a great story. Thanks for the memories that my kids will hold dear, forever. We all love you and Mom so very much.