Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tornado hits VERY close to home

Last Thursday after taking Dad out to dinner, I was visiting him at his home. The sun was shining, weather looked great. Then the air raid sirens went off.

Left and headed for home. On my way home going through the several cities you could hear all the sirens going off, so I just knew something was up.

Looked to the West and I saw the funnel cloud forming! Lightening flashing in it but it just wasn't touching down. Heading straight for my home!

Driving on a road with a 45mph speed limit didn't mean anything as I reached speeds of 80MPH to get home before it got to our home.

Wilma already had all the Grand kids and Angel at our home ready to head for the basement.

It wasn't 15 minutes after I arrived home that the storm hit us with a force. Wow what strong winds followed by pea size hale that covered the deck. Wilma headed for the basement with everyone, I watched for a funnel cloud. Couldn't see one as it was raining so much.

The tree branches were moving in all directions, bending over almost touching the ground. Normally they are about 13 feet from the ground.

The neighbors tree couldn't take the force of the winds and snapped, landing on his home. A few of the branches traveled 100 feet to land in our street, which blocked any kind of traffic.

You can see the tree stump at the rear of the home.

This was the 4th. time in about 5 years that this neighbor has had a tree on his home. There was a tree removing company working for the last week in his back yard removing trees, but they told him that the remaining tree was sound. Guess they didn't figure we were going to have a tornado go just above us the next day!

After it was over, the neighbors all came out to start cleaning up. We were lucky this time as our side of the street still had power, the other side had none. Along with at least a square mile west of us.

Angel and Tina's Mobile home park lost its power when a utility pole just 150 feet from Tina's home snapped in two, blowing out a transformer.

The deputy couldn't get around the tree and had to turn around.

Helped my neighbor Chuck move the branch to the side of the road. He had the Jeep, I had the cable.

We moved it enough to clear the road for vehicles to pass.

The smaller one I man handled out of the way.....barely!

It's amazing how small they look but how heavy they actually are. I was just able to move it myself....guess in my young age I must be getting weaker? :-)

It's Saturday morning, a generator across the street is still running, Angel and Tina's Mobile home park is still without power. Looks like family will be staying another night with us as it's too warm in the Mobile home to sleep.

This tornado was extremely close, just above us, and we all thank God for sparing us.

Until next time, be safe and God bless.


  1. Wow! That's a little too close to home for comfort! Tornadoes are darn scary things.

  2. Rick, in my 60 years living in Macomb County, this is the second time we have had a close call like this. Hopefully in my next 60 years :-) I won't have any more to contend with.