Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tornado touched down!

Last Thursday evening I just knew we would be close to a Tornado. Speeding home from Dad’s I did see the funnel cloud with lightning within it. I made it home just minutes before the storm hit our home.

According to the Newspaper article there were 2 Tornado’s that were confirmed and touched down. One at 19 Mile Rd and Hayes traveling toward 15 Mile Rd and Harper.  The second Tornado touched down at 16 Mile Rd and Groesbeck traveling toward 14 Mile Rd and Harper. Our home is at 17 Mile Rd and Gratiot, which is dead in the center of both Tornado’s!

The one that touched down at 16 Mile Rd and Groesbeck is the one I saw…..literally just minutes before it touched down.

Below it the article from the paper.

Macomb Daily Tornado Article

Macomb Daily Tornado Article2












Map picture

According to the article, the 1st. Tornado started at 22 mile rd and hayes. To the far left of the map you can see Hayes. It traveled SE toward 19 Mile Rd. and Hayes and lifted at 15 Mile Rd and Harper.

Tornado #2 touched down at 16 Mile Rd and Groesbeck. On the map there is a number 97 at that location. My home is just NE a mile, about where the “A” in S Gratiot Ave is.

So if you drew two lines of the paths of each Tornado, I was just missed by the Grace of God, from Tornado #1.


This experience has given a new meaning for us now when we see damage on TV from Tornado’s. And I just can’t understand why anyone would want to be a storm chaser! Way to scary for me as the one I saw that touched down at 16 Mile Rd and Groesbeck just moments after I passed that intersection going North almost 80 MPH in a 45 zone.


  1. That sounds like it was a bit to close for comfort. Having lived four years in Oklahoma City, I know what you mean about not being a storm chaser.

  2. You were very lucky! Hope that luck holds all the time. What a scary experience.
    Be well !