Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Tina



Tina our baby girl turned 37 on the 7th. of September. Where has the time gone!? After dinner she couldn’t hold her excitement back as she waited for her birthday gifts.



The carton of smokes seemed to make her happy. And the coffee mug was something she said she always needs.





The gift from Grandpa was a hit as you can see the shock in her eyes!



A warm hug of thanks to Grandpa for the birthday gift.







Next was a gift from big sister Angel and Brooke. Hoodie sweat shirts and a coffee mug!


Angel says keep looking there’s more!


Mm mm good, sweets! Just have to have some munchies when watching those movies with the kids.Open-mouthed smile




Then came time for the “sisters” to do the cake.


One to light the candles, the other to blow them out. Joking around, having fun like a couple best friend sisters always do. It gave me a warm feeling seeing them both having so much fun over the simplest thing.




Got to make a wish….lets see I have so many wishes….which one to use? Eye rolling smile



Did it! Blew them both out with one breath, now waiting for the wish to come true.




The cutting of the cake.


STOP! Don’t lick those fingers until the LAST piece of cake is cut and handed out.

Happy Birthday Tina! Birthday cake We hope you have many many more.


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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