Sunday, October 17, 2010

Canterbury Village

Today the weather was just perfect. Sunny, mid 60’s. So Wilma and I decided we would take a drive out to Canterbury Village to just walk around, look at the Christmas store and maybe have a bite to eat at the restaurant there.

As we entered the parking lot, I commented at how there were hardly no cars here. Wondering out loud if the place was even open. Wilma assured me it just opened 10 minutes prior, which made me feel like “great, we beat the crowds”.



As I parked the car, we were just in front of the Large Musical Clock. I noticed right away that there were vines growing up the front of it and the doors at both sides of the face were opened. Not normal I thought, as the doors are supposed to open when the clock strikes the hours and figurines travel around in front of the face of the clock.






But this didn’t dampen our spirits. We were here to enjoy the day here at Canterbury.




Our first stop was the “Always Christmas” shop. This building has 3 floors with everything Christmas. You are welcomed by the freshly painted red, white, and green banisters.



Just inside the door you are greeted by this guy. Wilma couldn’t resist patting him on his shoulder.






The building is huge, with wonderful solid wood work.





It doesn’t have the variety of  Bronners in Frankenmuth, MI but it comes in a close second. Plus it’s much closer to our home, saving a long drive to and from.




Walking the grounds, we noticed the “Merry-Go-Round” building was still in operation.






Inside, the Merry Go Round was in full motion with a few kids having the time of their lives.



DSC_1274 Toward the rear of the complex are these small colorful buildings. The last time we were here a few years ago, they were each occupied with venders selling their wares. Today, we noticed two of the buildings were vacant. A sad sight to see. I guess that reflects the hard times Michigan is having this day and age.


Our last stop was to the Restaurant. Of course, the last time we were here we enjoyed a great Chicken dinner. Today the restaurant is open, but…. We entered the large wooden, hand carved doors, and were greeted by a lady welcoming us and explaining that there are two separate restaurants now. One is like a sports bar, the other fine dining. She handed us the menu’s of each and as we looked them over, we both decided we were not ready to eat just yet. WOW the prices! Now we know the food is good….BUT NOT THAT GOOD!  We thanked the lady handing back the menu’s and we departed.

As we drove out of the premises we both wanted to find a restaurant to eat lunch that wouldn’t break the bank. So I got out our trusty “Sleeze Sally” GPS. Looked up restaurants nearby and decided on Applebee's. Here we enjoyed the 2 for $20 lunch of Oriental Chicken Salad.

Great lunch, nice Sunday afternoon drive. What could we ask for next? I know….an agreement between the Union and Company where I work so we can complete our plan on retiring! Open-mouthed smile


Until next time, be safe and God Bless

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  1. Christmas already and we have not even had Halloween yet!