Saturday, October 16, 2010

Haley’s 18th. Birthday Party




Today the family gathered to celebrate Haley’s 18th. Birthday.  And Haley was her typical self,  “happy go lightly” showing not a care in the world. She really seems to be enjoying life!







Na-Na made a delicious meal of Lasagna, Haley’s favorite. The kids were in line just as the plate of Lasagna was put on the counter. I do believe they were a tad hungry, don’t you think?







After DSC_1235dinner, everyone moved to the family room where Haley opened her gifts. All eyes were on Haley.


First was “Opapa” her Great Grandfather’s gift. It’s always “special” when my Dad gets to show up for these special times.


Haley receives her present from Aunt Angel and Brooke. An assortment of goodies along with some $$$.



Following the opening of gifts, all returned to the kitchen table to sing Happy Birthday to Haley. The wish was made, deep breath taken, and a mighty gust of wind from Haley managed to blow all 18 candles out. Of course I was afraid the smoke alarm was going to alarm from the smoke of the candles. Winking smile


I said I could smell bubble gum! Who has bubble gum? You can’t chew bubble gum and eat cake and ice cream!


So they both showed me how they were going to  save their bubble gum. Of course this was all in fun.


Then Na-na joined in the fun! Who wants some whipped cream? Of course the three youngest wanted whipped cream. So Na-na gave them some.




No one got choked, but there was quite a bit of laughter following this.

What fun they all had.


And our final picture is taken from our deck, looking down our street. I guess Fall has arrived.DSC_1229

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. That sounds like a fun party! Great pictures. Nice to have the kids around. I wish we did too.