Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Last camping trip of the year

Friday past we headed north to Wilderness Resort, one of the 5 resorts that we belong to. As this was scheduled to be our last trip of the year, we wanted to be farther north to enjoy the color change. However, the change was already over “up north”. But we still enjoyed ourselves.

Our best friends, Gary and Cheryl, were camping with us for the week end. Gary asked me if I was planning on bringing my “camping jacket” to burn. Of course I told him. So now your are wondering what I’m talking about, so here goes the story about my camping jacket.

DSC_1284Back in the mid 1980’s I purchased a nylon jacket and had embroider on the back of it the name of the company I worked for, General Dynamics,  an Abrams M1 tank, and “Skilled Trades”.  I wore this jacket every where I went. To and from work, around town, and on every camping trip. Needless to say I guess I got my money’s worth because it held up pretty well. About 20 years ago, a group of our friends while camping asked me how long I was going to wear that jacket. I then said I was going to keep it until I retire, then I’ll deposit it on a campfire.  


So being true to my word, and having my “best buddy” along with us, I just had to choose this particle trip to perform the ceremony. So as we watched my famous coat enter the flames of the campfire, we both stood with our hats removed, remembering all the years of comfort that old jacket gave me. 

Good by my jacket friend, you served me well!



Wilma took this shot of our campsite. As you can see most of the leaves have already dried and dropped off the trees. We really enjoyed walking in the leaves hearing the familiar rustling of the leaves under our feet.



Here is the famous “Brown Bear” one of the trademarks of this particular campground. In the background you will notice Gary’s motorhome to the left and our motorhome next to his. We almost had the entire campground to ourselves, except for maybe a dozen others.



The employees of the park were busy Friday blowing the leaves off the campsites unto the roads and burning the leaves. They were very cautious not to let the fire get out of control or have the smoke blow toward any of the campers who were through out the park.




Later that evening, as it started to sprinkle, we moved to the “Adult lounge” to play pool and Euchre. It was the guys against the gals. From this picture you can see the excitement of the gals as they commenced to whip us. I think out of 8 pool games the guys may have won 1 game! I really don’t want to go into the Euchre games we played. Lost all 3 games to the gals. Gary and I won’t hear the end of this for many years to come. And being the evening of the historic jacket burning, I’m sure it will be burnt into our minds of the huge success of the gals. OK girls congratz to you both, now STOP bloating about it already! Smile

Saturday comes and after a great breakfast, Gary comes over and asked if we would like to go with them to the Casino. Sure, we would really like to go donate to the local tribe! So off we went and after several hours our wallets were a little lighter, emphasis on little lighter. After all I’m getting ready to retire you know, we can’t afford to loose too much!

Arriving back at the campground, we all needed a nap. As the sprinkle of rain fell on the motorhomes’ roof, it helped to put us off into dreamland for a couple hours. Awakening from our nap, we knew anytime we would have a visit from our friends Denny and Kathy.



Here we are under the awning keeping dry. Denny asked if there was a restaurant around, Wilma said sure it’s called “Our Place” serves the best burgers. It took Denny a little while before he realized we weren’t talking about a real restaurant, but we were going to eat here at our RV. We all got a chuckle out of the name Wilma gave the restaurant. Winking smile


It wasn’t very long until I had the burgers cooked and the 6 of us were inside our motorhome all enjoying our dinner. Cheryl contributed with a few dishes, Wilma added more dishes, and there was more food than an army of a dozen could consume.

During dinner we noticed the rain had stopped, so after we had finished dinner we all headed out for a great campfire. Sitting around the fire, liquid beverages, friendly conversations…..what could be better?!

We arrived home Sunday afternoon around 5pm. unpacked a few items when Wilma said she would finish unpacking the next day. We had our supper and was in bed for the night by 9pm.

What a great weekend with friends doing what we enjoy the most!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. What a nice weekend you guys had. Great to see you are enjoying yourselves. Retirement is great, enjoy it ☺

  2. sounded like fun! Good for you for getting out and enjoying the Fall! I love Euchre!