Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Picnic

Today was planned for a “burger-n-dog” lunch on the deck with the family. We were also going to give the kids a pumpkin to take home and carve for Halloween.

This is actually a “change in tradition” to what we used to do every year with the family this time of year.

We used to all get in the Motorhome and drive to one of the many “Pumpkin Patches” in our area. Let the kids pick out their pumpkin from the fields, drink apple cider, eat fresh made donuts, and generally have a great family outing.

This year Wilma suggested to me that we take a drive to a different pumpkin patch that has farm animals to pet. So a couple weeks ago Wilma and I got in the car on a mission to find another pumpkin patch. To make a long story short….it went out of business. So on to the next pumpkin patch. This one just had a few pumpkins in the front of the building to pick from. No more hay rides out into the fields, and the prices! WOW, since when is a pumpkin of average size going for $6.00? Not from this cheap Grandpa!

We traveled for hours, checking out every pumpkin patch/cider mill around. The same scenario, limited pumpkins and very high prices. That’s when we decided to have a family lunch on the deck at home and let them pick out a pumpkin that we purchased from Aldi discount food store for only $1.99.

Angel was the first to arrive with Brooke. Within a half hour, Tina arrived with her family. She had with her a large white envelope. Angel and Tina were explaining that they wanted to give us our Christmas gift early this year. Totally unexpected by us of course, and Tina handed the envelope to Wilma.

2010-10-10 The FamilyInside was a 16x20 studio photo of them all taken just yesterday! Beautiful was all we could say. Along with that photo was an 8x10 photo with a change in layout, but also beautiful.

I was able to scan the 8x10 photo for posting.

What a surprise for Wilma and I and we will treasure it forever with it hanging in our living room for all to see.

It caught us so off guard we didn’t have the camera close to get a shot of Wilma receiving the gift, but she did manage to get a few during our lunch.


Great shot of me, showing off my physical physique Surprised smilegetting the burgers and dogs on the grill. I’m going to have to be more aware of where that camera is in the future!


Haley is letting me listen to her new “ring tones” when I must have pushed a button on the phone and a different one started playing that she didn’t really want Pa to hear! Funny thing though, I didn’t hear anything before she was able to grab the phone away from me, that’s when this  picture was taken.

There were 6 pumpkins lined up for them to choose from, so as they were getting ready to leave the pumpkins went with the kids.

Good burgers-n-dogs, much laughter, a great time with our family, and to top it all off, perfect weather in the high 70’s.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless

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  1. Nice pictures! Sounds like you had a fun day. It was a nice day here on Vancouver Island too but not nearly as warm as your day. Keep smiling.