Friday, November 26, 2010

Angel’s Final Moving Day and New Tires for Wilma’s Buick

For the past week, every evening Angel has been filling up her vehicle with her household items and moving them to her new Condo. Today was the day she rented the U-Haul truck and lined up a few guys to help her move the heavy items.


The guys were quite pleased with what little there was to move, and figured it would be only one truck load.







They really struggled with the couch.







Having to take a breather when it was out on the deck.

They said it wasn’t all that heavy, just awkward and no good place to get a grip.

I just know I wouldn’t be able to do it, with these ageing bones and weak back!





Angel thinks it looks much better in  her new Condo. I do too.







One last look at her Mobil Home. It served her well the few years she lived there, but I just know she is so much better off in the Condo.






After all the moving was done, I asked everyone to meet me at Dee-Dee’s Restaurant. Brunch was on me, as my way of thanking them for all their help.  Job well done and Angel is so happy to be finally moved into her new Condo.

Driving our Buick home from the restaurant, I commented to Wilma that the belts were separating in the front tires. She looked in the glove box and pulled out the bill of sale of the tires. They were purchased 5 years ago and just exceeded the warranty by 2,ooo miles. Now how the heck can Good Year do that? How can they build a tire and know exactly when they will fail? Pretty efficient company I would say. So I mentioned to her that I was going to take the car in and at least have them rotated to the rear of the car.

After dropping her off at home, I headed for Discount Tire, where I had purchased the tires five years ago. I was amazed at how busy they were, the parking lot was full except for 2 spaces, one of which I took. Upon entering the store, every seat was taken and there had to be a dozen guys just standing around waiting for their cars.

I proceeded to do an about face, got back in the car and left, heading just a half mile to Belle Tire.

Walking in I noticed that there were only 4 customers ahead of me. Talking to the salesman, wondering why they weren’t as busy as Discount. I was told that every employee was told that it was mandatory that they work 12 hours today as the company was expecting it to be a very busy day. Which it was, but with everyone working they could take care of all customers without a long wait. I ended up buying 4 new Kelly tires at a very reasonable price that I was pleased with. He told me it would be about an hour and a half wait, which turned out to be just 45 minutes!

As I pulled out of Belle Tire with a brand new set of tires and headed home, I passed Discount tire. A smile came onto my face as I just knew those guys were still in there waiting for their cars and probably would be for another couple hours! Plus I remembered Belle Tire’s advertisements as beating everyone’s best deal! Which made me feel even better, especially since I just spent less today than I did 5 years ago at Discount Tire for the same rated tires!


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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