Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gary’s Surprise 60th. Birthday Party

We did it! Wilma and I pulled off a Surprise Birthday Party for my close friend of 50 years!
The plan as it unfolded started on Tuesday, the 2nd. of November. I was at work and had the idea of having a surprise birthday party for Gary. But knowing that I alone could not encounter such a task alone, I phoned Wilma asking what she thought of the idea, well I guess I kind of said “we are going to have a surprise birthday party and I wanted to tell you before I called Cheryl”.
Wilma being the perfect wife as she is, went along with me 100% and we started making the phone calls.
I called Cheryl, she said Gary was out cutting wood. Great, we can talk about the plan, and I commenced to tell her of our plan to through a surprise party. Of course Cheryl knows Gary does not like surprise party’s, and she reminded me that when we were camping a few weeks ago he mentioned that he did not her to throw a party. I said I realize he said that she wasn’t supposed to give him a party, but nothing was said about Wilma and I giving him a party! Devil
I told her that I would call on Thursday, the 11th and ask him if he had any plans for his birthday. Of course no one in his family made plans with him, so I knew what the answer would be. I then proceeded to invite him and Cheryl over to our home to play cards, but before we play cards Wilma and I would take him out to dinner for his birthday.  He called to Cheryl asking her if it would be ok to come over to our home on Saturday evening. Cheryl knew the plan and said “Yes, I’ve been wanting to  get together for some cards”. So the plan was now in motion!
Everyone was instructed to arrive between 5pm and 5:30pm. Gary should arrive a little after 6pm.
Saturday evening came, everyone started arriving at 5:30 as planned.
Wilma said we would never get Gary into the basement without him knowing something was up. So she suggested everyone wait in the front living room, as Gary usually comes to the back door.
DSC_1343 Gary and Cheryl arrive around 6:15. I make small talk about where he would like to go to dinner. Wilma takes this picture and wishes Gary a happy birthday. At this moment he still has no clue that just down the hall about 10 feet away there are 20 people waiting for my cue. I make it look like I’m heading for the bathroom which you can see partly through the hallway.


I gave the cue and the surprise went perfect! Gary never had a clue. What a great surprise. After he shook hands and gave hugs we all went to the basement where the party began.


Of course the “Birthday Boy” was required to wear the official head gear!

After seeing his Birthday cake, with the ONE candle, he struggled but was able to blow out the candle! Open-mouthed smile


Everyone watched as Gary opened his gifts. Most of the time we were laughing with Gary at the cards and gifts. He did receive some very special gifts from several family members.

Jeff (Gary’s son) is quite skilled at creating DVD’s and singing. We all wanted to see it, so we headed for the living room where the big screen Sony is. He made a special tribute to his dad with pictures going back to when his dad was a little boy to present. In a special section he added a song he made up reflecting on his life as the son of his father, along with more pictures of himself with his dad. I have to say he did a great job and at times it was very moving. A true treasure Gary will savor for the rest of his life! (That’s Jeff in the white hat).


We did manage to get the “brothers” to line up for a picture. You wouldn’t believe how hard that is with the way they all joke around with each other! From the left: Paul, Don, Al and Gary.
Everyone had a great time celebrating Gary’s 60th. Birthday.
Gary and Cheryl were the last to leave around 1:30am. Another wonderful time with wonderful memories.

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Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. What a wonderful gift to host this party for a friend. Great memories for you all.

  2. What a neat idea you had. It looks like you all had a great time. That hat is priceless but he sure does not look too happy under it ☺