Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Done, Retirement Notification Tomorrow

Our daughters bring all the grandkids over to our neighborhood for the annual Trick Or Treat night every year. This year Wilma decided to stay at the house with me and hand out the goodies. So as the Grandkids faded out into the dark on their venture of filling up their candy bags, we sat on the porch and enjoyed the little ones in all types of costumes.

Actually we really enjoyed ourselves on the porch. Thinking that we might be doing that from now on. Below is a few of the pictures that Wilma was able to get prior to the kids taking off in their excitement.



Haley is getting ready to put a Black Star on Brooks face.





The Star looks pretty good.





Final picture before they were off to Trick Or Treat. Dakota decided to stay at the house. I guess being 13 now he feels that he is getting too old. Of course our Haley, at age 18 sure can fool the crowd! That’s her on the far right.


After about 2 hours, they returned with their mom’s. All of them were pretty tired and were ready to call it a night. I think the cold wind had something to do with it also. It was around 50 when they left with the low’s expecting to hit in the mid 30’s. (Which it did).

Tomorrow morning I’m going to meet with our Union Benefit Rep. to guide me through the web site to apply for retirement. As he was in the recent negotiations, he is up on all the changes. I just want to make sure that all goes well and I don’t make no mistakes. Still planning on a December 31st. retirement date, and getting a little excited now. I mentioned to Wilma a few days ago that I feel like the little 5 year old on the night before Christmas! Remember how excited you were, knowing that when you wake up in the morning, Santa would have arrived with presents under the tree? Well, I guess I’m going through the “adult” style of this kind of excitement. I actually go into work with a smile on my face!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Any plans for going to the warm weather in the New Year? Hope all goes well with your retirement date.

  2. I know the feeling! When I retired I was soooo excited. After I gave my notice I counted down the days and everyday I would announce to my co-workers how many days I had left. It was kind of mean, But I did it anyway!

    Travel Safe

  3. Dawn and Denise I am doing the same thing counting down the days! I don't look at it as being mean, as all my co-workers get a great laugh each day. Some of them are actually coming up to me and asking how many days left. I guess that's how I'll be remembered.

  4. Hello Vera,
    Won't be able to travel this winter, as I have a "honey do list" a hundred miles long! If all goes well though Wilma and I would like to travel to the South West the following winter. Time will tell as the saying goes.