Monday, November 22, 2010

Hockey Night with daughter Angel

Yesterday evening, Angel and I went to a Detroit Red Wings hockey game. They were playing the Calgary Flames.

What made this special is Angel won 2 tickets to this game. She called her mom and wanted to give them to us so we could go, but we talked her into keeping them and going with me!

So yesterday evening I picked her up around 3:30pm, stopped at a restaurant for a bite to eat and proceeded from there to the Joe Louis Arena .  We arrived about 4:30 and headed to the information stand where Angel had a voucher for a free gift.


Here she is showing off her free gift. An official Detroit Red Wing hockey puck in it’s own case! She told me that’s perfect because her daughter Brooke asked her to buy her a hockey puck. That’s my Angel, always thinking of others before herself!







I guess I should not put this picture on as it’s not one of our best shots. But I was using a Kodak point & shoot camera and as I held it out in front of us I pushed the shutter. Flash!







This shows how close we were. Just between the net and corner about 10 rows up from ice level. Perfect seats. Angel not understanding the rules of hockey really got excited when the game started. She was in awe at how fast they skate and how hard the shots are. A few pucks were deflected over the goalie and hit the glass just in front of us, making her flinch and yell.







It’s amazing how different it is watching it live, compared to watching it on TV!  You get to see so much more being there. I didn’t realize there was so much “extra activity” between players, like elbows to the face, slashes that the ref’s didn’t see, and just plain rough housing that makes hockey such a great sport.







Here is the scoreboard between periods, after the second period. Calgary 3 Detroit 1. It seemed like the Red Wings just ran out of steam during the second period. But during the third period the Wings came out like a team that wanted win. But with only 2 minutes to play and the score 4 to 2, I figured we had lost and we left so we could beat the traffic out of Detroit.


We just exited out of the 9 floor parking garage, which we were on the top, when Angel called her mom and let her know we were on our way. Wilma commented it must have been really exciting the last couple minutes because Detroit won the game 5 to 4! We couldn’t believe it! We had actually missed Detroit getting 3 goals in the last 2 minutes of the game. The final goal was gotten with just 3 seconds remaining in the game! I can only imagine the crowd going crazy with excitement after we left. Oh well, we both had a wonderful time and it was a great game. Oh yea, the actual price on the tickets were $90.00 per ticket! That’s why I just don’t go to pro games unless someone has free tickets. Call me cheapo but I think that’s just plain nuts to spend $180.00 for 3 hours of hockey.

Anyway we had a great time, one that I’m sure Angel and I will remember for the rest of our lives!


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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