Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Work After Work Than At Work!

I just realized that the boss is finally not giving me any jobs to do at work. I go into work, do my daily checks of the equipment and wait for his calling giving me additional jobs. But none has been coming for the last several weeks. Do you think he doesn’t want me to hurt myself just before retirement? I just don’t know, but I’m actually enjoying it!

The days go by pretty slow, with not having much to keep me busy, but that isn’t the case when I leave work. That’s when I make up for all the work I didn’t do all day! That’s where the title of this blog comes from, “More work after work than at work”.

Yesterday I left work and headed to Dad’s home. I called him in the night before and gave him a heads up that I was going to arrive there around 4pm. There were the last of the leaves that needed to be removed from the gutters on the garage before the winter weather sets in. Actually it didn’t take but a few minutes, getting on the roof with his gas powered leaf blower and blowing them out of the gutters. The drawback is that now they are all over the lawn. He didn’t want me to worry about them on the lawn saying that he would use the tractor tomorrow and pick them up. I just couldn’t leave a mess like that so I insisted on using the tractor to pick them up. Within a half hour I had all the leaves picked up through out the back yard, and put into his receptacles for yard waste, and had the tractor back in the garage. It’s so easy using the tractor with it’s twin clipping bags hanging on the rear. I just know, even though he really doesn’t show it, that he will be thankful the next morning when he looks out the window and it’s raining and all the leaves are already picked up. Which it did start raining Tuesday afternoon around 3pm.

Today after work and arriving home I mentioned to Wilma that I was going to take the 4 foot florescent light over to Angels and install it over her washer and dryer. I phoned Angel prior to leaving home and asked if there was a 3 prong plug on her light receptacle by the washer. She looked and said no just the light bulb. I told her I was going to Lowes to pick up the proper receptacle that would be needed to install the florescent light. Within an hour after leaving my home the light was hung and Angel was thrilled with the amount of light it puts out compared to the standard light bulbs. Another job well done!

I head home for the night and enjoy some left over pork roast that Wilma prepared last night. Mmm good!

Now, lets see…..I wonder if I’m going to have more work after work than at work tomorrow?! Be right back


The count down until retirement---30 days and counting!


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. Sounds like just the right work balance for the slide into retirement. As many have said, after I retired, I wondered how I ever had time to work.