Saturday, March 27, 2010

Denise has a new Computer, Wilma still hurting

Picked up the computer from Jim after work. Stopped at home to see if Wilma wanted to go with me to swap out computers for Denise.

Wilma still is not feeling great, just moving her arm gives her pain. She decided to stay at home while I worked on swapping out the puters.

At Denise’s home, I get the new puter hooked up and ready to turn on. Started installing her “PeoplePC” software for dial up service. It went to hook up and could not find the modem! Dang it, the device manager showed it was not installed. So I put the “Dell Disc” in the cd drive and had it install any missing drivers.

Nope, it still didn’t work. So I had to disconnect the puter, bring it over to my house and hook it up to the web. Downloaded the drivers which took all of about a minute. Then I downloaded Firefox, another couple minutes. Disconnected the puter and headed back to Denise’s home.

Now it connected…….sooooo slllloooowwwwlllllyyyy! I just had to ask her what she was spending for her phone service along with the $10.95 for PeoplePC. After telling me, I suggested she call Comcast and inquire what it would cost to have internet service. She did the math and found that Comcast will be almost $12 LESS than what she is paying now. So…next Saturday she is having Comcast install her internet service. Thank God! I just couldn’t believe how slow that dial up was. I guess I’m used to cable service and going back to dial up is almost unbearable. I told Denise to call me when the cable guy gets her internet hooked up and I would come over and get her the anti virus program installed and running, BEFORE she starts surfing the net. So next Saturday afternoon I should be spending another hour if that at Denise’s home.

Wilma made her appointment for her MRI. She goes Friday, April 2nd at 5pm. I guess that was the soonest she could get an appointment. I’m praying she doesn’t have a torn rotator cup. Sometimes I’ve heard would require surgery to fix. Hopefully not.

That’s all for now, going to Catherine’s tomorrow afternoon to give her a lesson on Picasa. And anything else that she might have a question on. If I’m capable enough to know the answer.  :>)

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Wilma’s Dr. Report

Our family Dr. saw Wilma this afternoon.

He has ordered an MRI that Wilma has to call and make the appointment, which will be this week. He also suspects that she may have a torn ligament possibly or something wrong with the rotator cup. So until he gets the MRI report he can’t give a definite diagnosis. Which is what we expected. This was a much more informative Dr.’s report than what was received at the Hospital Emergency room last night!

Tomorrow I have to go into work. Can really use the extra $$$ after finding out that all 10 of my fillings need to be replaced. All of them are at least 20 to 30 years old, so I figure I got my $$ worth. It will take 4 separate visits to complete this dental job. But when done I should be good to go for another 30 years! Lets see….30 years added to my almost 60 = 90 years of age when they need replacement. I think I’ll just keep them longer than 30 years!

Sunday I’m scheduled to go over to Catherine’s, my little sisters home to introduce her to Picasa. With the help of Chris Guld of the famed Geeks On Tour, I believe I can show her quite a bit to get her started.

Also Jim, Wilma’s sister’s husband, is a computer builder. So when I found that Denise needed to upgrade her Win98 computer I gave him a call. He just listed one on Craigslist and she agreed to buy it. What a deal! Sunday I will be picking it up from Jim, and after Catherine’s lessons I’ll head over to Denise’s to set up her “new to her” computer.

Wow…sounds like I have a heavy day Sunday.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Dinner with Dad, Wilma in pain!


Thursday evenings are reserved for having dinner with Dad, so Wilma phoned me at work to ask if it would be ok for her to come along. Of course, was my answer. After leaving work, I stopped at home to pick up Wilma. Just 2 hours before, she had returned from the Dentist. She had a tooth re-drilled that had a worn filling. Her face was just starting to return to normal from the injection.

She commented on the way to Dad’s that her right arm was really hurting her today, and as the day progressed, the pain was increasing. She feels that when she tried to pick up a pan filled with dinner 2 days ago, she strained a muscle in her upper right arm. Yesterday she did a few loads of laundry, hauling the baskets up from the basement, putting more stress on her arm.  Today she said that it was really hurting and she could barely lift her arm without it hurting.

We arrived at Dad’s and he wanted Wilma to pick any of many cloth table cloths that my Mom had. After looking at them all, Wilma had picked up several that we decided would be nice to use when we have the family over to our home for Thanksgiving, in remembrance of Mom.

We then went to Sea Breeze Restaurant, where we all had a great dinner of short ribs.

After taking Dad back home we had to leave sooner than we wanted to because Wilma was getting worse. The pain in her arm had gotten to a point that she could not raise her right arm without the help of her left hand.

By 8pm she was in bed. After talking with her about the pain, we have both decided that if it is still painful tomorrow morning she needs to see or family Dr.

Friday 8:30am                            

I could not post last night as her pain was increasing in her arm. I decided we needed to go to the Emergency Room at the local Hospital. We could no longer wait until tomorrow to see a Dr.

We arrived at the hospital around 11pm, was all checked in and waiting by 11:10pm. Wilma mentioned that this hospital had TV commercials saying you never have to wait to be seen by a Dr. longer than 10 minutes. That 45 minute wait was the longest 10 minutes in my life! Plus there were only 2 other patients waiting before us. Why did it take so long?

To make a long story short, the professionalism at this Hospital was non existent. I was taken aback at the way in which the so called Doctors handled themselves. For instance, why would you take a persons arm and rotate it back as far as possible to see if it hurts? Especially when explained  in detail of how the pain was progressing. And this all done prior to an X-Ray, how did she, the Dr., know there were no broken or chipped bones or torn ligaments prior to rotating her arm in such a manner!

After seeing 2 nurses, 2 Dr.’s and given a shot of Morphine (which had no affect) she was wheeled to get an X-Ray. Upon returning back to the little exam room and waiting another hour, another so called Dr. entered and explained that nothing was broken and we will write a script for pain medication and put her arm in a sling. Then to go to her Doctor tomorrow for a “follow up” of his diagnosis. No explanation of what they presumed might be wrong, not even a guess! So after 2 and a half hours in this hospital, we walked out knowing nothing more than what was known before we walked in.

I know I’m venting here, but I’m really getting concerned at the incompetency of the so called medical profession these days. I don’t believe I’m getting smarter, I’m just noticing these so called “medical professionals” these days don’t have very much commonsense, let alone “real” training in the medical field. Where do these people come from?!?

Today at 10am I have a dental appointment for cleaning and X-Rays. Wilma has an appointment at 2pm with our family Dr. to follow up on last nights episode. We will return home after her appointment and I’ll grill hamburgers on the grill for supper. After supper we are going over to see a friend of ours, Denise, and install Firefox on her computer. As she has dial up service, I’m hoping Firefox will make her web surfing go a little faster. We will see.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless

Friday, March 19, 2010

Procedure a success

Keeping it short and sweet as this is not a great subject to talk about.

I am back from my colonoscopy exam. Nothing bad to report which is great news for me.

Dad drove me to and from the office. While there he recognized a nurse that had worked with him when he was going through his colon cancer treatments. They talked while I was recovering and she remembered him also. Which makes me wonder something.

How does a nurse, who sees probably hundreds of patients in the 10 years since she had seen dad, remember him? Either she has a great memory, or my memory isn’t up to standard, or she is just saying that to be friendly.  I’m thinking the last. Either way, Dad enjoyed talking to her as she was processing me out to leave.

Today it hit 70! Sunny, blue skies, just perfect weather. Seems like April weather not March. But I’ll take it anyway. Cold front coming in this weekend, with highs in the 40’s.  Boo Hoo ….

Until next time be safe and God Bless

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heat wave today…62 and Sunny

What a beautiful day it was today! It actually got all the way up to 62F. today with no wind! Wilma mentioned that it felt a little like Florida.

When I got home from work, the sunshine and warmth kept me outside. It was time to clean the floor mats in the car, get the winter dirt and salt removed off of them. When that was done I moved to the windows. They got there cleaning inside and out today also. Maybe tomorrow I won’t have to squint through the windshield going to work in the morning. ;>)

Wilma went to one of the local favorite restaurants to meet up with her fellow co-workers from the insurance company. The ladies usually do this once a year. Even though Wilma hasn’t worked there in more than 3 years, they still enjoy her company, and she does theirs.

I called on dad this evening. He is doing good, loving the sunshine and warmth today also. Judy, my sister was with him this evening as they went out to dinner together. I had to tell him we won’t be able to have our weekly dinner on Thursday. I’m going to be “preparing” myself for the colonoscopy scheduled for Friday at 11am. This is something I’m really dreading!

I’m a little concerned as the Dr. doesn’t want me to eat anything ALL day Thursday. I can have as much chicken broth as I like, but no solid foods. I’m concerned how my sugar is going to do. Usually when I skip a meal, my sugar tends to dip down to the low 60’s. That’s when I start getting the shakes and just don’t feel right. Hopefully the chicken broth will hold me, otherwise I am going to have to cheat a little and have a light lunch.

Then at 4pm I start with my wonderful gaiter-aid mixture. Along with a few pills to help things move on out, if you will. This is what’s harder than the actual exam. Plus the last time I had this procedure, 8 years ago, I believe I was given a little excess of the “relaxation” medication prior to the exam. It was very hard for me to recover and get back to feeling a little normal. 8 hours after the procedure seemed like an excessive amount of time to get back to normal. I wasn’t even able to drive 8 hours after the procedure. We will see if that happens again this Friday. If it does I won’t be able to function until late Friday evening.   :-(     boo hoo.

Anyway, keeping a smile on my face as the sun is going to shine again tomorrow with temps in the 60’s….Yea…all right! It’s amazing how a little sunshine can make a person feel so much better.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Time with Grandkids

Wilma talked to Tina this morning on the phone and was told that she was scheduled to work today. This was kind of a goof up on the schedule, because the administrator told her she would never have to work both week end days. Like she did this week end. Tina, being a new employee just went to work without complaining. Good girl Tina! Way to go.

After the phone call was ended, Wilma was telling me how Dakota has been missing his Dad. Christmas was the last time Scott, Dakota’s dad spent anytime with his kids. She said that Tina told her that Dakota actually started crying because he doesn’t understand why his Dad won’t see them.

We, Wilma and I, both agree that it has gone too far. Those kids need to have a “father” figure in their lives. And with Dakota now 13 years of age, with the start of puberty, we both agreed that it was time he started spending more time with “Pa” , (me).

Around 10:30am I drove over to their home to see if Dakota would like to “hang out with Pa” today. He was still in bed. However Savannah and Rebecca were up watching TV, eating donuts.

I woke Dakota up and asked if he would like to hang out with me today. He said yes but he was still tired. I told him I was going to take Savannah and Rebecca over to our house now for a while and I would come back for him in a few hours. That way he could wake up and get ready.

I then asked the “girls” if they would like to come over, and they jumped off the couch to get ready. I guess that was a firm YES answer. So I couldn’t resist and brought them home with me. They kept themselves busy playing the Wii games  until it was time for lunch.

About then I headed back to get Dakota. He was ready and anxious to go. Didn’t know what was planned, just to get out of the house I guess and be with Pa.

I noticed the door knob was broke on the front door, so I told him our first job would be to go to the “Mans store” to get a new door knob. Lowe’s he asked? Yep I said as a smile came to his face and “Awesome” came out of his mouth.

As we walked through the store, I kept glancing at him. It was like it was his first time there as he was taking in everything. Kind of broke my heart and made me feel good at the same time. I thought to myself then that we are going to “hang out together” much much more. It’s what he needs, and possibly me too!

We, together picked out a new door knob, and left to head back to his house. I asked him if he thought he could help me put it on. He informed me that he could do it himself if I let him use my tools and told him how to do it. Agreed I said, so we were now on a mission.

Of course it didn’t quite turn out that he did everything with my guidance. But he did really help me when needed. It was pretty good having a “partner” with me. So from now on I will have him along side me with everything we can do around the homes. It’s probably the best thing I can do for him is to pass along my knowledge to him.

The day ended with a delicious meal prepared by Wilma of meat balls in a mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes and warm rolls. She made enough to send home to both of our daughters. Once again she prepared a meal for 3 complete families! Great job my hon! Both daughters called their Mom telling her how good it was and thanking her for the meal.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless

Saturday, March 6, 2010

First Grilled Steak of the Year

We decided that on the week-ends we are going to start eating our large meal at noon. Then in the evening we will just have a “lunch” type meal. IMG_0016-1

So today we started it out right.   I looked out the patio door wall and saw the grill. Wilma said that there were some steaks in the fridge, so our plan started to come together.

It wouldn’t be too un-comfortable as the sun was shinning bright, and the temps. were going up into the mid 40’s. Which to us feels like spring.

Now all we need is for the snow to melt. Which I’m sure it will as they are calling for a warming trend this week into the mid 50’s!

So after some chores this morning, around 1pm the grill was lit. IMG_0018-1

I know almost to the minute, as the air raid sirens started their weekly test at 1pm and I was on the deck turning on the gas to the grill when they started blowing.

Wilma was in the kitchen wrapping asparagus and garlic in aluminum foil. It wasn’t too long afterward and our steaks were placed on the grill with the asparagus and garlic.

It’s funny how different smells can remind you of things. When Wilma smelled the steaks cooking she commented, “Smells like summer!” And I had to agree, we don’t use the grill very often in the winter. Can you tell we are sick and tired of Winter?  ;-)

After our dinner we made a run to Sam’s Club. Walking in within the first 100ft. she noticed strawberries in two pound packages for $5.69. She said that’s no deal at all, Meijer has them in one pound packages for $1.69.  She is such an attentive shopper, I don’t know how she does it but I’m thankful she does as that saves us big time on our grocery bills.

We picked up a few items…..spent a little over $100.00 and left. Yea, I know, you can’t go into a Sam’s or Cosco without spending at least $100.00. I told Wilma I’m having second thoughts on renewing our membership. Heck even the gas isn’t much cheaper than the local stations. Only 2 to 4 cents a gallon less doesn’t make it worth paying for the yearly $35.00 membership.

Anyway after leaving Sam’s we headed for Meijer. And yes we bought strawberries. Exactly nine pounds of them! Bet your thinking we really must love strawberries. Well we do, especially the grandkids. Wilma said she cuts them up and puts them in small plastic, single serve containers. Then gives each grand kid a cup of strawberries with their breakfast. They just love em.

Tomorrow afternoon we are going for a visit to our very best friends, Gary and Cheryl. He mentioned on the phone of putting something on the grill while we are there. So we are going to bring desert. Guessed yet what it’s going to be? Yep, strawberry shortcake! With whip cream, which I’ll pass on. Sounds like a fun day tomorrow.

Till next time, be safe and God Bless.