Saturday, May 29, 2010

A day of rest, giving help, and remembering our Veterans.

Today I had a visit with my chiropractor. Seems my tail bone is giving me grief and I needed an adjustment. I had planned on working on the Motor Home today, but decided against that, letting my back rest. Gave me a perfect excuse to do mostly nothing today. ;-)

Wilma and I decided to help Stacey with her Garage sale today. Let's re-word that to Wilma helped and I watched. Stacey met our daughter Angel in college and they became "buddies".  She has never had a garage sale before so Wilma and Angel helped set it up yesterday. Stacey is planning on moving to California in the near future, so she needed to sell "everything" and the prices were super cheap. For having it opened only one day on a holiday weekend she did really well.

We left around noon and headed for Meijer's. For those not knowing, Meijer's is similar to Walmart's.

We needed to pick up some last minute grocery items for Monday when the family is going to spend a day with us. An oven baked chicken dinner is planned. Wilma and I are looking forward to spending a full day with the girls and Grand kids.

While at Meijer's I also needed to pick up some oil and a filter for the Motor Home. I was able to get the 4 qts. of SAE-30 for the generator, but I can't cross reference the numbers off the filter until I remove it. So that purchase will have to come later.
I worked on the carpet last Thursday, and I have to say so myself, it looks pretty darn good for it's age! Windows need a good cleaning yet, along with a complete wash and wax before I can say we are ready to enjoy the Motor Home for another season.

The weather has been just perfect today with temps at 81 and no humidity. Sitting outside on the deck with the laptop makes doing this blog entry a pleasant experience. One drawback to using my laptop is that it has the Linux Mint operating system on it instead of Windows. This makes it unable to use Live Writer, but I guess using the blogger format isn't all that bad. Especially if you don't need to post pictures.

Being Memorial Holiday, my thoughts turned to an article I read in this morning's paper. We have lost another military person in Afghanistan, bringing the count now to 1000 who have lost their lives in this war. Being a vet, I have mixed emotions about this war. I'm starting to lean on the side of getting out of there and coming home. I can't help to compare it to the same war that was going on when I was in the Military. And we all know how Viet Nam turned out!

Please say a prayer, especially this weekend, for our Veterans and their families.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dad’s Birthday Celebration

Last Sunday the family gathered at our home to celebrate Dad’s 83rd. Birthday.


In attendance were his 4 children with their spouses, 5  Grandchildren, and 6 Great Grandchildren.

As the weather was just perfect, we all gathered outside on our deck. After lighting the  candles, we all sang happy birthday to him as he watched the candles burning. After the singing, he (we hope) made his wish and then the strangest thing happened. Just as he started to blow out the candles, a very light breeze came by and helped him blow out the candles! We all made several comments about that, but the best one I think was the one Wilma made. She said “That was Mom helping you blow out the candles Dad.” As this was his first Birthday without Mom, that was very believable.


Here is Angel, the eldest Grandchild with Hayden, the youngest Great Grandchild. Haden is the son of Melissa and Nick, my brother Ken’s daughter. 





Dad with Haden, his youngest Great Grandchild, with Judy my sister looking on.





Dad with his children. Myself, Ken, Catherine, and Judy.





Dad with Ken’s family.  Margie, Ken, Dad, Melissa, Haden, and Nick.





Dad with my family. Me, Dad, Wilma, and Angel. Tina couldn’t attend as she was home with a migraine head ache.





Dad with daughter Judy.



Somehow we missed my sister Catherine with her two boys, Austin and Nathan.  The top picture show’s Catherine taking a picture and directly behind Dad is Nathan. Dog gone it anyway! I wish I would have paid more attention and got that picture.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Brooke’s and O-Pa’s Birthday

Today, May 21st. is not only my fathers 83rd birthday, it is also my Grand daughter Brooke’s 10th. Birthday.  So Angel, Brooke’s mother had a Birthday celebration for them both together.



The best part of opening of the Birthday Presents is “how much $$$” you receive and what you can buy for yourself. Knowing Brooke, she will buy some fishing tackle. She Loves Fishing!


Pizza, pop, and chips were for dinner. Cake, Pie, and Ice Cream for desert.


Of course my father, being the gentleman he is, sat back taking it all in as Brooke couldn’t hold back her excitement.


After the desert was gone, the kids headed outside to “romp around” and burn off some of the sugar they just consumed. Here is Brooke just a split second before she broke the bubble.




Happy 10th. Birthday Brooke!

This Sunday the family will be celebrating Dad’s Birthday. We are taking him out for lunch and then we all will be returning to my home for Cake & Ice Cream. That is when he will receive his Birthday cards and gifts.

Birthday Camping Trip (take 2)

As promised here are a few pictures of the Birthday camping week-end.



As my best bud Gary is always a prankster, he couldn’t pass  up this week end to keep up his name to fame.  He posted a sign at my campsite letting everyone who passed by the opportunity to wish me a happy birthday. Which there were plenty of well wishes.








We sat around most of the day, enjoying the sunshine, telling lies, and having many, many laughs.

There was even more laughs when I read the Birthday Cards my friends got me.




After dinner, we all gathered around the campfire once again for more enjoyment of each others company. The “party” lasted until around 1:30am, when I could no longer hold my eyes open any longer and had to go to bed.

What a memorable time we had. Like I told them around the campfire, this couldn’t be better, celebrating my Birthday with my best friends around a campfire!

Thanks Guys, your the best.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Birthday Camping Trip

We are back from our 3 day camping trip. As my Birthday fell on last Friday, the other couples were planning some surprises for me.

As of now, Wilma and I are still trying to catch up on our rest. I will post later with pictures.

We welcome Ken and Angela, of

We hope you don’t get too bored with our little blog.

Monday, May 10, 2010

KaBoom in the Night!

Wilma and I had an exciting event last night. No…not what your thinking! 

This happened at 1:30am. Both asleep in dreamland and all of a sudden KaBoom! One side of the box spring fell off the bed frame! Wilma said she had a dream of the floor falling out from under us, I felt like I was rolling down a mountain side, grabbing for tree limbs or sky hooks!

It wasn’t too hard for Wilma to get out of the bed, as it was leaning down on her side. She was actually about a foot closer to the floor. But me, now that was a different matter.

Picture this if you may. My young manly body of 60 and 225lbs. Beer gut, even though I don’t drink beer. Trying to roll “uphill” to get out of my side of the bed. I’m grabbing for tree branches or sky hooks as I’m feeling like I’m rolling down the mountain side. Then I wake up, still grabbing for those invisible tree branches, and trying to pull this so out of shape body, UPHILL out of the bed. If we had a movie of it I just know we could have won $10,000 for winning the funniest video on America’s Funniest Video’s show!

We both stood there looking at the bed when we finally came to our senses.

Now, what to do about this at 1:30am? Pulling back the sheet and blankets, I removed the top mattress to one side of the room. The box spring mattress was wedged half on the bed rail and the other side on the floor underneath the bed rail. It took some grunting and straining, but I managed to free the box spring mattress and reposition it back in the bed frame.

I could see the side rail bowed out a little between the foot board and head board. But I figured if positioned just right we might make it through the night.

My idea worked and we both survived the event with only missing a couple hours sleep.

So today my goal was to permanently fix the bed rail. I went to Lowes, (because I get a 10% discount for being a vet) to purchase 2 eye bolts with fender washers, 2 cable clamps, a turn buckle, and 5 feet of cable.  It was installed between the bed rails so that when the turnbuckle was tightened, the bed rails were pulled closer together in the middle. It worked perfectly!

Getting the box spring mattress back on the bed rails revealed that I now had both bed rails perfectly straight and snug to the mattress. No way can the box spring mattress fall ever again.


Sorry, but I didn’t take a  picture of the cable installation prior to putting the mattresses back on.

This is a shot  of the cable underneath the box spring mattress  stretching from one side of the bed frame to the other. 


This shows the eye bolt coming through the side rails of the bed. And of course I drilled the hole from the inside to the outside, that’s why a chip of wood broke off and now shows next to the fender washer, bolt and nut.


But all is well now and Wilma and I look forward to a good night sleep. Now if we can just get through the night without any dreams of falling off of mountains or the floor dropping out from under us!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mom’s

Sept. 2006

Tomorrow will be Mother’s Day, the first Mother’s Day to celebrate without my Mom. As she passed away last July 25th. she is still very much missed. Happy Mother’s Day Mom….I miss you.


Wilma’s Mother, taken the day before she died, with my daughter Angel.

Along with missing my Mom, Wilma is also missing her Mom. She hasn’t had her mother since she was killed in a house fire August 13, 1972. Happy Mother’s Day Mom….I also miss you.

For those who can still hold their Mom in their arms, look them in their eyes and tell them you love them. Thank them for being there for you, and for everything they gave up for you. Cherish the moment.
To all the Mom’s…..we wish you all a very happy Mother’s Day. We hope that you will all enjoy this special day with your families.
So until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Diagnosis good! Happy Birthday Ken!

Talked to Br. Ken this morning to wish him a Happy 56th. Birthday.

I knew he had a Dr.’s appointment to check on his eye. The Dr. said he is happy with what he see’s and gave Ken the ok to go back to work if wishes. This was great news, and he said he is going back to work tomorrow. What a great birthday gift to receive.