Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shannon gets married.

We have known Joe and Debbie and their son Joey and daughter Shannon since the early 70’s. Joe has been a wonderful father to both of his children. But especially Shannon. Every time you saw them together as a family you could see the proud father sparkle in Joe’s eyes.



The wedding Ceremony will take place outdoors.



Arriving early for the ceremony, Wilma and I talked with Joe and Debbie, asking him if he was going to be ok with giving his “little girl” away. It was written all over his face. He admitted he was having a tough time of it.



Here you can see the concentration on his face, not to let the tears show. There were a few tears from Shannon’s eyes though.



The wedding was held outdoors at a beautiful Golf Course. It was perfect for her as she kept up with her dad as being an outdoorsman, hunting, fishing, camping, just about everything outdoors.


The Newlyweds, Shannon and Rusty.

Congrats Shannon and Rusty, Wilma and I wish you both a very healthy and happy life together.


Until next time, be safe and God Bless

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Tina



Tina our baby girl turned 37 on the 7th. of September. Where has the time gone!? After dinner she couldn’t hold her excitement back as she waited for her birthday gifts.



The carton of smokes seemed to make her happy. And the coffee mug was something she said she always needs.





The gift from Grandpa was a hit as you can see the shock in her eyes!



A warm hug of thanks to Grandpa for the birthday gift.







Next was a gift from big sister Angel and Brooke. Hoodie sweat shirts and a coffee mug!


Angel says keep looking there’s more!


Mm mm good, sweets! Just have to have some munchies when watching those movies with the kids.Open-mouthed smile




Then came time for the “sisters” to do the cake.


One to light the candles, the other to blow them out. Joking around, having fun like a couple best friend sisters always do. It gave me a warm feeling seeing them both having so much fun over the simplest thing.




Got to make a wish….lets see I have so many wishes….which one to use? Eye rolling smile



Did it! Blew them both out with one breath, now waiting for the wish to come true.




The cutting of the cake.


STOP! Don’t lick those fingers until the LAST piece of cake is cut and handed out.

Happy Birthday Tina! Birthday cake We hope you have many many more.


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Wilma’s Family Reunion

What a fun filled holiday we just had!

Last Wednesday after a 9 hour day at work, we left for Kentucky. Knowing we would not do the 10 hour ride all at one time, we stopped in Finley, Ohio and checked in at the Holiday Inn Express. We had to sneak Kybee in the back door under my arm as pets are not allowed, but he was great and didn’t make a sound all night. In the morning Wilma went to the café to get us a cup of coffee, a banana for herself and Danish roll for me, as if I really needed it, but it sure was good. We snuck out the back door and was on our way by 6:30am.  Arriving in Dixon, Ky. we stopped at the local motel where we had reservations, unloaded the car and headed to Wilma’s double cousin, Linda’s home were the family reunion picnic was to be held. We left Linda’s and headed to Eddie’s home, Wilma’s brother.


Eddie treated us all to dinner at his favorite Mexican Restaurant, La Casa.


Our servers, all from Mexico, spoke their language to each other and spoke perfect English to us.


Eddies’ best friend Danny and his wife Marty also joined us for the delicious dinner.


Thursday morning Linda treated us to breakfast. We all met at their cousins “50’s style” restaurant.


The Classic Café, what can I say but just awesome! The atmosphere puts you back to the 50’s as soon as you walk in through the front door. And the breakfast we had was more on the order of home made than restaurant style! Linda pre warned us of the size of the Western Omelet so Wilma and I ordered one to split. Our split omelet took up half the plate! Best Omelet I’ve ever had! I just have to mention that Wilma’s cousin Larry, co-owner of the Café built the counter from scratch and did all the tile work himself.


From the Classic Café we left to see Wilma’s cousin Greg and his wife Charlotte. Here is their drive up to their home.


A beautiful home situated on about 7 acres of land which he raises vegetables.


Greg and I in his “Shop”. This is where he cans and processes all his vegetables and fruit.


After a cup of coffee, and sampling some of his salsa’s, he gave us a tour of his gardens. Wilma and I both saw vegetables growing that we had never seen before. So many wonderful gardens to tend to, plus he works a full time job! I don’t know where he finds the time or energy to do all that he does. From the gardens he took us out to his “shooting range”.


Greg enjoys target shooting along with friends and family, so they constructed this shooting range. Everything about the building is made 1st class, and there to stay for many many years.


Looking down range are the targets. They are set at 50 yards being the closest to 400 yards.


After shooting you take the time to check out your accuracy. With Greg’s gun and his help you were VERY accurate!



Greg doing the initial sighting in for Wilma.                                                                                   


Wilma takes careful aim with Greg’s instructions.


BANG! First shot was a little surprising for Wilma. She wasn’t expecting the noise



DSC_0811What a talented and honorable man Greg is. With all the work of planting the HUGE gardens, processing the vegetables and fruit, then giving it away to friends and neighbors. He truly does all this as a labor of love. Both he and his wife Charlotte are the most wonderful people you would ever want to meet.

<-Charlotte, Greg and Wilma.

DSC_0855Later this day Wilma attended the wedding of Michael & Melissa, Linda’s youngest son. I helped Mark set up the tables and tents in their yard for the picnic tomorrow.



Pictured here is the Bride Melissa, holding daughter Kylee. Linda, mother of Michael the Groom with son Jeran.

Michael and Melissa are truly, madly in love with each other and we all wish them a long, healthy, and prosperous life together.



Saturday is the family reunion picnic day. The tables are placed, toys for the kids ready to go, and before long the family starts to arrive.









Prior to eating, as everyone was getting in line to eat, Linda asked each family member to introduce themselves and their family members present.


Linda, showing respect, asked the eldest in attendance, Queen, if she would say Grace before everyone eats.


The line forms to fill the plates of all in attendance.


So much food that all could not be eaten. Good ol country home cooking, along with plenty of delicious home cooked and prepared deserts. The mega plates we had just didn’t seem large enough to hold all that was offered. Open-mouthed smile


The reunion started around 10am with meal time around 1pm. Following the meal was plenty of socializing and we couldn’t forget games and prizes for the kids!


We all remember the famous “Dizzy Race Game”. Sick smileSpin in circles around a bat then race for a finish line.



Whew! It was a dizzying race, but all the kids managed somehow to cross the finish line for a prize!



Then came the “3 legged foot race”. Dads, Uncles, Cousins all joined in.








The competition was tremendous! The race was on!



Who won???

They all did!

Prizes for all the kids.



The famous “Wheel Barrow Race”.



Once again, all were winners!

Prizes for all the kids. A glass of ice water for the dads and uncles!


Later that evening around 7pm, everyone who had the energy to keep the party going, met at Rodney’s home for some fun Karaoke.



Some socialized, some ate chips-n-dip, and some….well let’s just say had a great time with liquid refreshment! Smile with tongue out



The “Captain” sang the most. Really, pretty good at it, and I’m sure it wasn’t his first time doing the Karaoke thing.


But the BEST singer of them all was Heather! She is the daughter of Eddie, Wilma’s brother. She sings like a pro! I told her she really needs to look into cutting a cd! When she got up to sing, all conversations stopped to listen. Love ya Heather, keep up the good work!


Even the newly weds, Michael and Melissa showed up to join in the fun of the evening.

This was the very best reunion I believe they have ever had. And to those who made it all happen, a very big Thank You from Wilma and I. We will see you all again next year!


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.