Thursday, January 20, 2011

Angel’s Cable & Kybee

Today’s plans were to re-locate Angel’s cable to her computer, and trim Kybee’s nails.

When Angel first moved into her condo and had the cable TV and internet hooked up, she had her computer in her bedroom. It took a while and she decided that the bedroom wasn’t the place for her computer. So she managed to disconnect it and move it downstairs in her kitchen. She temporarily had the cable on the floor between the TV in the living room and the computer in the kitchen. She kept the cable covered with throw rugs so she and Brooke would not trip on it, just until she was certain this new spot would work.  Once she decided it was perfect for her and Brooke, she asked if I could install the cable permanently. This morning was the time set aside to complete this task.



Angel had the throw rugs removed for me when I arrived this morning, as she knew I was planning on relocating the cable.






Now that looks much better. The cable was routed in the basement. Just to the left of her computer desk is the kitchen cabinets. When I slid the desk away from the wall so I could drill a hole in the floor, I noticed that the previous owners already had a nice round hole cut into the cabinets just above the floor line. Perfect! I’ll just remove the drawers in the cabinets and take a look. There inside the cabinets was another hole drilled. Perfect access for the cable run to the basement.

Within a couple hours the task was completed.





This afternoon it was Kybee’s turn to get some attention. He needed his nails trimmed and he really hates it. Fights me by pulling his little legs back just before I’m ready to clip the nail. I really am careful trimming because of the blood line. Don’t want to cut into that and cause unnecessary pain for him and a mess for me! I was able to handle his front paws, even though it took darn near an hour. For his back paws, Wilma had to hold him, talking softly to him to calm him down.

Upon completion he was a happy little guy, running around the living room ready to play.

Another task completed. And that’s about it for today.

Getting ready for the Brrr Cold weather. They are saying it’s going to go down into the low single didgets for the next 3 nights! So far this winter has been turning out to be a COLD one.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Good work... I know she appreciates it a lot!
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  2. Our guest dog needs the nails trimmed bad, but we are not looking forward to that. We might wimp out and have it done at the vets.