Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 3 and 4 of Retirement

Ok, now I believe everyone that is retired and made that statement to me about not having enough time. Those reading this, and are retired will probably agree. You know, the statement….”Since I’ve been retired I’ve been so busy I don’t know how I had time to do anything when I was working!”

All those plans I had that was going to be started by now, haven’t been started yet.

Monday started with a trip to Costco for some gasoline. It was $2.99.9 a gallon. Ouch,… but what I’ve been hearing from the news media we should be seeing $4.00, possibly $5.00 per gallon by the end of 2011. If it hits $5.00 a gallon it will really put a dent on our plans on traveling. Not saying we are not going to travel, just that the traveling will be limited a little. Of course one cannot go to Costco for gas without going into the store to pick up a few needed items. Which is what we did.

From Costco we headed to my Dr.’s office for my appointment at 11am to hear the results of my annual blood work. I did get encouraging news that everything looked good, but with a warning that I really needed to concentrate on loosing a few pounds to help with the Cholesterol readings. I thought for sure they would be way too high and I would have to be put on meds. So it looks like I now have another item on my list to do! GET SOME EXERCISE! Crying face

Later Monday afternoon, Dad phoned me and told me of the passing of my cousin who lives in Tampa, Fl. The family is sending him back to Michigan for burial. He will be at the funeral home Tuesday afternoon. I told Dad that I would see him around 3pm Tuesday at the funeral home. 

Tuesday morning and the only plans so far was to be at the funeral home at 3pm. At 8am I was driving my Granddaughter Brooke to school. Had to hurry to get back home to pick up Wilma as we had a 9am appointment with the Chiropractor. Which we made and are both feeling much better.

From the Chiropractor we stopped at Meijer to do some grocery shopping for some sale items. Being retired now, you have to keep a sharp eye open all the time for those sale items you know. Be right back  Got home from Meijer, put the items away, made lunch and then had to take a “power nap” on the couch. Of course Kybee, our Pug, had to lay right up close for his nap also! After the nap, a quick shower, and off to the funeral home. Talked to Dad and he agreed to stop over at my home and ride with Wilma and I to the funeral home tomorrow. He should be arriving around 12:15pm, the service will be starting at 1pm. After several hours at the funeral home, I arrived home just as Wilma was starting to prepare a delicious Catfish dinner. Open-mouthed smile And was it ever delicious!

This brings me to now, sitting at the computer making this Blog entry. Realizing that now tomorrow half the day will be taken up for my cousins funeral. But also realizing, that I’m so thankful to be retired, and am able to attend his funeral. Retirement…you just gotta love it! I sure do.

Almost forgot….in the mail yesterday was a statement that my first pension check has been electronically deposited into my checking account. I think I will frame that one.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. We retired and started full timing over 6 years ago and we still love it... and yes we do seem to be really busy now. Glad your enjoying the life!
    Have fun & Travel Safe