Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting ready for the Model Train Show

Most of the day today I’ve been categorizing all of the model train items I have. Taking pictures of the Lionel train sets, extra track, and all the small cast iron cars and trucks.
This Sunday morning starting at 10am and going to 3pm, the local train hobbyist are having a huge show.  Click here to see the web page .
I phoned my Grandson, Dakota and asked if he would like to go with me. He sounded excited and can’t wait until Sunday morning. He told me that there might be a problem though. I asked what that might be. He said he might still be sleeping when I come to pick him up at 9:30am. Well of course I had to laugh and told him it was time to learn how to set an alarm clock! I would be picking him up at 9:30am and I can guarantee he will enjoy himself.
I will have all the trains and items in my trunk. So when we enter the show I can just go around to the several venders, show them the pictures of my items and hopefully sell all of it! Especially the one set I bought sometime in the mid 1980’s that has never been opened, still in the original box it was bought in.

This is the set that is still in the original box it came in from the mid 1980’s.

I’m even going to let go of my first train set given to me in the mid to late 1950’s! Here are the photo’s of my first train.
To my eyes the set looks pretty good for all the hours I have on it going round and round that track, day after day, year after year!

My neighbor was a big fan of collecting model cars and trucks. Then he had a large train set professionally built in his basement. If I remember correctly, he had about a dozen separate trains at about 4 different heights. Totally amazing! He would say he should be sent to an “Engineers driving school” to learn how to operate them all. I only wish I had pictures of it. His health started failing and he couldn’t go down the stairs, so he had the same “pro’s” come back and disassemble it all. Toward the end of the dismantling, he made sure he had several boxes full that he gave to Wilma and I. They have been stored for some time now, and we have decided that we won’t ever be assembling what we have, so this is why I’m perusing ways to sell all of it.
There is quite an assortment of “collectors” cast iron cars and trucks. They are in several sizes, that is the reason for the tape measure on the table with them.

I couldn’t get them all in one shot, so two shots gives one a better idea of all the cars and trucks.

Tomorrow I will be taking Dad out to dinner. Then on Sunday, Dakota and I will make our trip to the “Train Show”.
I only wish I had some idea what value this all has. I guess I’ll just put my faith In God and hopefully the “collectors” will be fairly honest with me. I don’t expect to get top dollar, and it would be nice if they get a good deal and I get a great deal!
Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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