Friday, January 28, 2011

Mr. Plumber & Mr. Tax Man

This past week I’ve been really busy. Started to work on our tub fixture last Monday. Just had to replace the washers in the hot and cold valves and the “O” rings in the directional control valve.
After gathering what tools I needed, I went to the basement to turn off the water. As there are no shut off valves just for the tubs, I had to shut off the water to the entire home. I don’t think Wilma appreciated that, but being the wonderful person she is, she never said a word about it.
The repair and replacement of the washers went perfect, no problem. However, the directing valve just could not be budged! I noticed that the wrench sold for doing this job is slightly over sized. So off to the Plumbing Store I go. Talking with the “expert plumber” he assured me that I was using the correct tool. I showed him how the tool fit loosely and that a standard 13/16 deep well socket fit perfectly, asking if they had a “longer” standard socket.100_0824
Of course he was then at a loss, as he was a professional plumber, not a tool salesman. I knew I never saw one longer, but what the heck did I have to loose in asking. I just had to express myself to him how much I appreciated the “fine quality of tools from Taiwan” that they carry for this type of job. He assured me that the valve could be removed, as I already had the hot and cold valves removed. Nope, if I try and put any more pressure on turning it, I’m going to round out the valve and then there would be no tool made to fit it and remove it. So I ended up buying the valve washers I needed and left.
Arriving back home, I was able to put a Vise Grip on the 13/16 socket and “put everything I had” into removing the valve. No go! I swear it must be soldered in! So instead of going “crazy” on it and breaking something, I just decided I would have to live with the small stream of water coming out of the faucet to the tub when taking a shower. No big deal I figure, at least until it gets to a point where there is more water going to the tub than the shower head. Eye rolling smile One tub down, one to go which I will tackle at a later date.

TurboTax was purchased a few weeks ago from Costco. I have used this program now for about 5 years, and so far I’ve been pretty happy with the program. It sure helps me get our taxes filled out with confidence. I usually do ours, Angel, Tina, and my Dad’s taxes every year.
I completed Angel’s yesterday, am waiting for a time from Tina when she is available to sit next to me to answer any questions that may come up, and we can get hers done. Yesterday evening Dad gave me his forms after dinner. His was completed before bedtime last night. So far I’m averaging about an hour to do the Federal and State returns. I will probably be doing Tina’s and ours this weekend sometime.
Between Monday and today I’ve been busy listing items on Craigslist to sell. It’s amazing when one looks around at how much stuff one has that isn’t needed or wanted any longer. So up on Craigslist it goes and good by stuff hello cash! Open-mouthed smile Wilma has been keeping track of our sales. Looks like we might be getting close to covering our trip to Myrtle Beach this spring. That would be nice.
This evening our friends Joe and Diane have invited us out to dinner. He has picked the restaurant and we are to meet them there at 5:00pm. Looking forward to a wonderful dinner along with good conversation and more than a few laughs. Joe wants to buy the dinners as a gift of congratulations for my retirement. My brother Ken and his wife Margie are taking Wilma and I out for dinner on Monday to celebrate my retirement. Man O Man, I sure wasn’t expecting all these dinners just for retiring! But Wilma and I are both looking forward to these two evenings out and appreciate it very much.
Wilma and I also joined Weight Watchers today. Looks like it’s time for me to get serious about loosing a few pounds. We know we will feel much better if we loose a few pounds, so we both will be giving it a try. No promises, just what ever happens happens and we will both except it. Hopefully with big smiles on our skinny frames! Open-mouthed smile
That’s it for today, going to get ready to go out to dinner. So until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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