Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Train Show done, My trains almost all sold.

Last Sunday Dakota, my Grandson, and I were going to go to our first Train Show. However, he decided at the last moment that he really wasn’t interested and passed on going. I assured him that it was ok with me, and it didn’t hurt my feelings, as that was what he was concerned about. Actually, now that it’s over I would bet that he would have been totally bored with it.

The Troy Athens High School was where the show was held. I arrived only 15 minutes after it opened and was surprised that almost all of the parking was taken. I did find a spot at the rear of the school. About a 10 minute walk in the bitter cold to get to the door.

I had never been in this school before, and I was amazed at how large of a school it really was. The hallways branched out in three directions. Along each hall there were tables set up for the hundreds of venders selling their train related items. Every type and size of trains were represented. All for sale at very reasonable prices.

I entered my pick of one of the three hallways. Stopping and chatted with many of the different venders about everything I could think of from track types to scale size of the trains. More information than what I could absorb! I was told to go to the #3 gym. There would be a vender selling books of every kind. I needed to purchase the “Greenberg’s Pocket Guide”. In that book is a listing of every Lionel train set, locomotive, and car that was ever built, along with price values. Ah ha…just what I needed so I would be able to get an idea of the value of the trains I wanted to sell on Craigslist.

Well, 2 hours later I had just found gym #3! It’s on the third floor! Actually that school has two gym’s on the third floor, at different ends of the building! And I’m not talking about small elementary gym’s. I’m talking High School, full blown gym’s! By the time I found the vender selling books, he was sold out of the few that he had. But he did pull out his copy to show me what my Locomotive and tender was worth, the one I received as a 9 year old boy. I had to hide my disappointment at the low prices I saw, but I just knew I had to get one of those books to be able to accurately price what I have for sale.










Above is my set as a boy. There were a couple “box” cars along with it, buy are no where to be found. But I did have 3 of the flat cars.





I also had a Toys R Us set. It came with the original box it came in, but missing some of the accessories. Because it was missing some accessories it could not be sold as a complete set, but from the book the prices looked better to sell it piece by piece.

So after seeing what some of the items I had were worth, I wanted to leave and purchase the book at the local hobby train shop. Almost an hour later, after getting slightly lostEmbarrassed smile in that hue mongus high school, I was back in my car heading home.


Fast forward a few hours, and I had most of the Lionel items posted on Craigslist. 

Monday morning comes and I usually read blogs with my coffee, but that morning I decided to check my email first. There was a response for the Lionel trains, and the person furnished me their phone number. This is usually a sign that the person is serious about the items.

I went back to reading my blogs, which I read at least 15, while finishing up my second cup of coffee. Angel and Brooke come in and we visit a while before she has to go to work. I fixed Brooke some pan cakes for breakfast before taking her to school. On arriving back home from taking Brooke to school, I phoned the person who sent me an email about the trains.

Making a long story a little shorter, he was over at my home looking over all the items. Made me an offer I just couldn’t refuse, and now just about all the Lionel trains are sold with the exception of just 4 cars that belonged to my brother when he was a kid.

So after the transaction, the buyer leaves and I hand over the cash to Wilma to put into our Vacation fund. Ooops I mean our Motor Home fund for our trip that is scheduled for this early spring. I keep forgetting that I will never be taking vacations any more! Open-mouthed smile

Tomorrow I will be going over to Angel’s home to re-route the cable for her computer. It’s presently temporarily laying on the floor going across her room. I’m planning on routing it in the basement and up through the floor to where her computer is located. That shouldn’t take too long. Oh no, I probably just jinxed myself and now it will take me all day! Wish me luck.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless


  1. That is a good sign to be able to sell stuff from one hobby towards another one.

  2. you're so sweet Dad! THANK YOU!


  3. Glad you had such good luck....
    Have fun & Travel Safe