Sunday, February 6, 2011

Flat Repaired & More Snow!

Yesterday morning Tina phoned telling us that she woke up this morning and noticed her tire went flat during the night. She had to go to work at 2pm and asked her mom if she would be able to take her. Of course Wilma said she would.
I in the meantime got ready to go over to her home to remove the flat tire and get it repaired. Loaded up the piece of carpet I have knowing that I would be on the cold drive outside, my jack and 4 way lug wrench. Off I go to Tina’s home.
Noticed right away that this wasn’t going to be as easy as one would think as there was a build up of snow and ice where the car tires pack it down on the drive. This made getting the jack under the car a challenge, but I managed to get it the third try. The tire came off with no problem, off to Belle Tire for the repair. Sat there for an hour before it was fixed at no charge. Seems that the tire had leaked around the rim, so a good cleaning of the rim was in order before the tire was re mounted.
Back to Tina’s to mount the tire. A few challenges was accomplished again with the jack, ice and snow, but the tire was put back on the car and ready for Tina before she had to go to work. I guess it was around 1pm by the time I completed the job. She is one happy little girl, well you know she still is my little girl !
After returning home, put the jack and carpet away I retreated for the warm house.
Within a half hour it started!
Looking out the front door.
It was a fine snow falling straight down. But it just kept snowing and snowing.

By the next morning I figured we had an additional 6 – 8 inches of more snow. See that fine Motorhome sitting there behind my home all full of snow? Hopefully next year it won’t be there! Hopefully somewhere where it’s warm with palm trees! Be right back
Getting ready now for a relaxing afternoon watching the Super Bowl Game.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Sad to see a motorhome covered in snow!! I feel for you because it happened to us. At least you can look forward to next year ☺ Keep warm and hopefully your team wins!

  2. What a good dad you are!! What did she do before you retired? GO PACK GO!!!