Saturday, February 12, 2011

I’m now a New Member of Passport America!

Last Thursday morning Wilma and I attended a Members Only presentation, put on by the RV Resort Outdoor Adventures that we belong to. The presentation was put on by an outside firm, I believe from California because of the area code on their phones, and the mailing address of the Resort package that we purchased. The Package we purchased was supposed to be an improvement to our existing package, which it is, and no doubt the company (Resort Parks International, RPI for short) is a reputable company.

The salesmen, as I will call them, or “package presenters” mainly focused on the Condo time share rentals and Cruises. There are a few perks that our park, Outdoor Adventures adds also. When questioning the salesmen on exactly what our park adds to my existing package we were told just about what they knew we wanted to hear. So we signed for the additional benefits that RPI would furnish and looked forward to utilizing the added features that Outdoor Adventures were going to give us.

The next morning, I decided to phone the Outdoor Adventures main office and talk to “our people” about this new package I had just purchased. I spoke to Dee Dee, a knowledgeable person that took her time explaining the new package and answering my questions and concerns. Asking her the exact same questions that we asked the salesmen, she gave us all together different answers. I told her how it was not explained to us that way and I felt I was given a shady presentation. She became very concerned at that point expressing her apologies to me as a member, assuring that the salesmen were not presenting the package correctly, and that she was going to follow up on my complaint. I mentioned that I might, after talking it over with Wilma, cancel the contract and asked her exactly what she needed if we did cancel. “Just a written letter expressing that you wish to cancel the RPI Preferred contract and maintain your present contract” and have it post dated no later than 5 working days from the signing of the RPI Preferred contract. After our conversations were complete, I thanked her and hung up.

Telling Wilma what I had just been told about our so called “enhancements” at our parks, didn’t make her very happy. We both agreed that we were misled about the true benefits and we both agreed to cancel the contract. So today I went to the post office with the letter in a sealed envelope and mailed it as a certified letter. That should take care of that!

You know I’m a firm believer that “you can get more bees with honey than with vinegar”. So why don’t these salesmen just be honest. Answer the questions truthfully and let the people decide for themselves if they want to sign or not!

After returning home from the post office, I went on the computer to plan our next trip this April. I knew that being a member of Outdoor Adventures, I was still qualified to obtain membership in Adventure Outdoor Resorts. I had previously, many years ago, utilized Adventure Outdoor Resorts, (AOR) while traveling to Florida and Missouri. It wasn’t bad, did save us money on our camping stays, (only $8.00 per night) at that time. But we found that there was not a very large selection of campgrounds participating in AOR, so your choices were very limited. For example, our trip to Branson, Missouri had only one campground that participated, and it was a parking lot! Not very happy buy again it saved us big $$$ on our stay in Branson.

Looking at the route that we are going to take next April, and looking at the AOR parks along that route wasn’t pleasing to me at all. Our first planned stop there were again only a couple campgrounds within 25 miles of our route. And both campgrounds were not going to be open the first of April.

Then I had a flash in the noggin! I remembered reading Nick's Blog, which I do every day, and he made a stop at the Passport America camping club last month. He explained how he belonged to many different clubs in the past, and he believes that the Passport America club is one of the better ones.

Getting on the Passport America web site, I checked out how many campgrounds participated with them and was amazed to say the least! Never being a member of Passport America, I figured we might as well take into account the recommendation of Nick Russell and join. I reached for my cell and gave them a call after I could not connect with them on the web. A young lady helped me sign up for a year and I should have my “membership package” within a week. I mentioned to her about their web site, and that I wasn’t able to sign up online. She assured me they were in the process of moving the server and were aware of the site not being completely operational.

Hopefully we will have better luck with Passport America than what we had with AOR, and we are looking forward to our upcoming trip.

Anyone have any comments about Passport America or RPI, I’m all ears. I would much appreciate your comments, both pro and con. Any “heads up” situations with Passport America would be greatly appreciated also.


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. We always had Passport America. They saved us a lot of money. There are lots of parks in convenient places. Not all of them are great but some were exceptional. I think they are definitely worth the money.

    We never signed up for any of the membership parks like Coast to Coast, RPI etc. Just didn't feel that being from Canada we'd get our moneys worth. With the turn of events our life took, I'm sure glad we didn't!

  2. I've been a member of PA for several years. Most of the parks are well worth the savings (always check for restrictions on the park...some have none, some are one night only, some block certain months, etc).

    We've found that in really cold or hot weather, it pays to use the 50% rate rather than stay in a Wally World or other asphalt parking.

    We always recommend PA to new RVers, think it's the best buy for the money.

    Oh, we are also RPI & Coast to Coast members...

  3. Going to their web site I did notice the restrictions of only 3 nights. But thats ok with me so far. The one thing that did bum me out was that most if not all in Florida don't honor the PA discount from Dec. to April. Nuts, that's when I was planning on using it the most! Oh well, I can't blame the parks, as this is their busy time of year and they are there to make the $$$.
    Thanks for your comments Donna and Sandra. Much appreciated.

  4. We joined CampClub USA and they have a ton of parks that give 50% off,we got a deal on the membership and it was %19.99 for a year, which we saved on the first two nights we camped. here is a link to see for youerself. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  5. We did join PA - but most discounts are not valid in the southwest in the winter. It will pay for itself though at other times. We also joined Escapees, more for the social contacts and activities, rather than the discounts. We looked at some of the parks that the expensive club memberships use and were not impressed, so no thanks.

  6. We have used Passport America for years. It has always paid for itself many times over.