Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Furnace for Dad

This past day and a half has been really busy for me. I didn’t get to do anything more on the bathroom, but I did get a frantic phone call from Dad yesterday afternoon.

Dad’s neighbor was out shoveling her snow and she claimed she could smell gas. So she called the gas company and reported she smelled gas, which brings an immediate response from the gas company. Within a half hour there was a worker from the gas company knocking on Dad’s door. She told him there was a report of a gas leak and she needed to enter the home. Showing her credentials and seeing her company truck, Dad let her in his home.

Immediately she told him that she smelled carbon monoxide! (I knew you can’t smell carbon monoxide) He, being an employee of the gas company for over 35 years became very concerned. She wanted to go to the basement where the furnace is located. She had her O2 meter with her. He escorted her downstairs, she took her readings around the furnace and got a reading of 136PPM of carbon monoxide. She by law had to turn off the gas and electric to the furnace, and place a tag on it with the readings. Any reading over 60 is potentially lethal and can kill a person.

He became very frantic at this stage and wanted to phone call the company that installed the furnace. But not knowing the company went out of business, and failing to find their phone number, he phoned me. He was so shook up he couldn’t even tell me what the furnace was tagged out from, so he handed the phone to the gas company employee. She then explained what she had done and the reading she had from her meter. She then put Dad back on the phone. I tried to settle him down and tell him I would have a furnace company sent to his house immediately and to not worry, I would be there also within a half hour.

I arrived there to find Dad still pretty upset. I calmed him down and within a few minutes a service man arrived from Flame Furnace. I did most of the speaking to him, as I have worked around this type of equipment most of my career, and could tell by the answers he gave me to my questions he knew what he was doing and could be trusted. He showed me the signs as proof that the heat exchanger was indeed restricted and fumes were leaking into the basement from the restricted heat exchanger and burner on the furnace. After the inspection, I agreed 100% that the furnace needed to be replaced. Looking at the date the furnace was manufactured, he said we were within our 20 year warranty by a month. Which meant that the heat exchanger could be replaced, and he explained our several options that was available to us from the outcome of a class action law suit.

To make a long story short, within an hour, the order for a new furnace to be installed immediately was placed. Being late in the day made it difficult, and that they could only install the furnace temporally just so we would have heat throughout the night. Then the next day, today, they would finish the installation.

I stayed with Dad yesterday until 8pm when the installer finished for the night and the new furnace was heating the home safely.

I stopped at Home Depot to purchase a new humidifier, getting a new furnace needed a new humidifier as his old humidifier was also ready to quit working from age.

I returned at 7:30am this morning with the new humidifier and to stay with dad until the installation was complete. The installation was finally completed at 2pm. Everything working great and Dad feels much better now.

Thank God for the neighbor calling the gas company reporting a gas leak, even though there wasn’t any gas leak. What she smelled was the fumes from the incomplete combustion of the burners from Dad’s furnace.

It was kind of funny how Dad was going to go thank the neighbor for calling the gas company, forcing him to buy a new furnace. I told him he should look at the other side of the coin. Thank her for calling the gas company and saving your life! You could have died by the way the old furnace was working. I think after I explained it to him in a calm manner, he finally realized how lucky he was and had changed his thoughts about the neighbor completely. I guess I’ll just chalk it up to age creeping up on him.

All is fine now with Dad, I’m back home and might be able to continue on the bathroom painting tomorrow. Maybe before I go to my brothers home and show them how to set up a back up of their new computer.

Never a dull moment!Smile I’m just so thankful I am retired now and am available to help out my family.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Thank God for the neighbor lady.

    Your lucky to have service done so soon.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  2. The neighbor lady is an angel from heaven. Bet you never saw that one coming. I know, my worry with my elderly father was falling. Cherish these moments, they are so temporary.

  3. Sorry your Dad had to go through all that, but it does show that one should have their furnace checked out each year.

    If you can't smell carbon monoxide, how did the neighbour?

    I hope you can get back to your bathroom mods now.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  4. Glad you have a very helpful neighbor. Though there was no gas leak, it’s still a good thing you had your Dad’s furnace replaced. Think of it as subverting the problem even before it takes place. I hope your dad doesn’t get stressed out like that again. It would be good if your dad regularly gets the furnace inspected so that this kind of problem won’t happen again.

  5. Good thing nothing bad happened! You were lucky to have caring neighbor, if not because of her, then who knows what might have happened. At least now, your dad has a new furnace. He got nothing to fear anymore.

    -Mechteld Abelli

  6. Well, it’s a good thing that everything went well and that you all prevented a potential loss in your family. It’s also great that the furnace was immediately replaced and a new one was installed. :) Don’t forget to always maintain and inspect it, so you can prevent this incident from happening again in the future.

    Darryl Iorio