Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weight Watchers for a week

Well we did it. Wilma and I made it through our first full week of weight watchers. I sure hope it gets easier with the measuring and calculating the amounts of food you have to eat. I was almost certain I would have put on more weight with all that I had to eat. I’ve eaten more fruit and vegies in the past week than I have eaten in a month! And that doesn’t count the regular food you must eat. But….we both lost weight!Open-mouthed smile
Total surprise to both of us. Gave us a boost to go at it another week. And seeing how we paid for 20 weeks, we are taking it just one week at a time.
On another subject, Wilma and I decided we would change the living room furniture around Thursday morning. Again my expectations of myself was more than realistic. After all the only furniture we wanted to move was the couch and the TV, so how long could it take? I’ll tell you….1 and a half days! Because we have a “component” stereo system there are a hundred million wires that needed to be un-hooked and re-hooked back again. Surprised smile
These photo’s were taken before the move.100_0835
The tall cabinet next to the TV is where the stereo system is. It can’t take too long, just un-hook the wires going to the TV from the stereo, move the cabinet and TV to the other side of the room, and move the couch where the TV was. Simple huh? Well it didn’t turn out that way at all. I new the Grandfather Clock was going to be moved, and that was the easiest. When the clock was out of the way, I moved the couch facing the fake fireplace. The light chair taken out of the room, and the recliner moved next to the window.
After labeling all the wires and un-hooking them from the TV it was time to move it across the room. So on hands and knees I pulled one side of the TV from the bottom, then moved to the other side to pull, working it slowly across the room. I did it on hands and knees as the first service man that set up the TV many years ago, told us never move the TV by pulling or pushing on the sides of the screen area. This would move the adjustments out of kilter as it’s a rear projection set. Getting the TV in place, it was time to move the stereo equipment. We wanted it to be placed where the Clock was, so when I got it almost in place I noticed the wires were not going to be long enough. Instead of going out and buying longer 100_0838100_0837wires, we decided to move the Curio cabinet to where the clock was, and the stereo where the Curio cabinet was. By now I’m getting tired, so I just hooked up the cable to the TV so we would be able to watch it if we wanted to.
Friday morning and I continue with re-hooking up the stereo wiring. Get the Stereo cabinet positioned and presto, everything worked. Job well done, even though I figured it would only take me a half day, not a day AND a half. Then on to our Weight Watchers meeting, from there grocery shopping and back home to relax the rest of the day.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Congrats on your weight watchers success... We need to do that but just seem to have trouble. Have gained 40 pounds the last year. BOO HOO! Your post on the moving stuff wore me out!!! Glad you got it done.
    Have fun & travel safe

  2. Congrats on your WW success this week,man we need to join you! Wires on 'stuff' drive us nuts, so good job for tackling that.