Monday, April 25, 2011

I beat the rain this time!

Easter Sunday started out with grey skies, looking like it would start raining at any moment. We had planned on having the family over for a lunch and egg hunt. Scheduled to eat at 1pm, with the egg hunt following.

By 11:45am the sun came out and the day turned out to be perfect! The grand-kids had a riot running all around the yard looking for their eggs. Some with candy inside, some with $$$$$.

L-R. Brooke, Haley, Rebecca, and Dakota.DSC_2395

Savannah, the youngest, was keeping up with them all at finding her eggs!DSC_2400

Each Grandchild gathered on the deck afterward. Dumping their “egg bags” and opening their eggs to find the “treasure” inside. Some of them held candy, others cash. Don’t know which they prefer best, but I do know they all had a great time.

Meanwhile Tina was telling us about her trauma that happened a few days ago. Seems a bunny ran out onto the road in front of her and she could not avoid hitting it. She was feeling so bad about it. Haley, her daughter kidded the others that “Easter was cancelled because Mom killed the Easter Bunny”. Tina didn’t think that was very nice to tell the kids.

Angel and Haley wanted to cheer her up. So as Tina was watching the kids find their eggs, they proceeded to Dr. up one of our bunny yard ornaments and  placed it on the roof of Tina’s car.

A lawn ornament Dr.’ed up to simulate the bunny Tina hit.DSC_2392

When Tina spotted something on the roof of her car, she got quite a laugh. Actually, all of us got a great laugh!

Tina said “ Angel and Haley got her good on that bunny joke!”DSC_2390

Wilma had invited Denise, a friend for many years, to join us for lunch. She arrived after the hunt, as her son was over visiting with her. She just loves my grilled hamburgers and has been looking forward to them for over a week now. We were very happy she could make it to enjoy my burgers and chat with her best friend!

Denise and Wilma, best friends.


This morning, Monday, the weather man on the TV was forecasting that we were going to get rain starting this afternoon and continuing until late in the evening. I hurried with my morning coffee and off to Meijer I went to buy my lawn fertilizer.

On the way home, small drops of rain started hitting the windshield. It didn’t take me long to apply the fertilizer, in fact I think I did it in record time! Within an hour it started sprinkling. A slow rain fell until just after supper. Perfect timing! Open-mouthed smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Snow

I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing last night on the TV. The weatherman was saying that we could receive up to 4 inches of snow today! No Way, I thought….it’s springtime in Michigan!

Close to 3 inches of snow fell this morning.DSC_2381

Now I’m thinking, “Well it is Michigan”. Will summer ever get here?!!

I’ve been working on my Myrtle Beach video’s the last few days. Trying to cut them up in segments not much more than 2 to 3 minutes long. Include still shots.

Trying to publish it to the blog with Live Writer, using the copy video from computer choice doesn’t seem to work correctly. It wants you to sign in to YouTube and then it started downloading from there. It will take much too long that way, as the video is almost 4 minutes long! So I’ll just supply the Video link and you can view it if you like.

My first video was taken April 4th. titled “Myrtle Beach Morning”. Now remember, I’m very new at this and the quality and style might not quite be up to standards. But I hope in the future I might get better.

So if you Click On This Link it should take you to the YouTube site where the video is.

That’s it for today. Gotta go “cry in my beer” Crying face at the sight of this snow!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby Robin Returns

Last year a Robin made a nest behind one of the coach lights on my garage. She raised 3 young robins. Yesterday I noticed the nest. Today…

Is this the mother Robin from last year? Or one of her 3 offspring she had. 100_0929

Last year after the baby Robins left, the nest was un-attended for at least a week. I then proceeded to remove the nest. What a surprise when I saw a new nest there, and more surprised to see it was a Robin. Now the question. What is the life expectancy of a Robin? Is this the mother from last year? Or is it one of her offspring from last year?

Today is turned out to be a very pretty day. Sun shinning, no wind and temps in the  mid to high 60’s. Perfect for working in the yard. This morning Wilma and I decided to clean up and plant some new Dahlia bulbs in the front shrub bed. They were purchased from Costco about a month ago, and were starting to show some new growth. The instructions say they like plenty of sunshine, I hope Michigan can give them enough sunshine! Smile  Each year for several years now we have been purchasing different bulbs trying to get away from the “Annual” flowers and lean toward the “Perennials”.

Last years bulbs are starting to flower.100_0933

After completing the planting, a tree trim was in order. We have 2 decorative “Plum” trees between the sidewalk and street. In a couple weeks they will be in full bloom, but they don’t produce any fruit. The Landscaper that planted them said they will keep the shape of a tulip. There was a couple low branches that were taking away from the shape of the tree, plus I had to keep ducking them when mowing the lawn. So today was the day picked to remove them.  I have been known to get a little carried away when trimming trees in the past, so I talked it over with Wilma prior to trimming, getting her approval first. Open-mouthed smile 

Branch removed, the other branch removed is to the upper left of the fresh cut.100_0931

You can see from the picture above that there have been several branches removed prior to us receiving the tree. Don’t know why they didn’t remove the last two that I did today.

There were 3 branches on this tree removed. One of them was quite large, as you can see from the fresh cut.100_0932

The trees took on a much better look with those branches removed. And I know I won’t have to duck any longer when cutting the grass!

Almost enough for a campfire!100_0930

We are getting ready now for an evening out with our friends, Gary and Cheryl.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Full tank of Ga$

I thought I would post a few more pictures of our Myrtle Beach trip, along with what’s happening around our place today.

Downtown Winston Salem, N.C.DSC_2066

I drove the MH to Meijer to top off the gas tank today. Afraid if I waited until our next trip to stop and get gas it might be much higher.  I tank was between half and 1/4 full.

Country side in full summer green.100_0923

The limit on the pump was pre set to $75.00. I was working on the third cycle of that limit when it clicked off, full showing $63.00.  That’s $150.00 PLUS the $63.00 for a grand total of $213.00 Disappointed smile.  The cost per gallon, $3.989! Two days ago the price was $3.849, yesterday when we passed the station the price sign was turned off.

Some of the MANY rental properties at Ocean Lakes Campground in Myrtle Beach, NC.DSC_2091

The news media are saying that we could see $5.00 by the summer. Wonderful, just wonderful! Disappointed smileAt $5.00 per gallon it will put a drastic slow down on our driving, especially the MH. Not to mention the slow down in the economy.

The best way to get around in this HUGE Campground is by Golf Car as they are called there.DSC_2093

Tina, our youngest daughter mentioned yesterday that she just received her water bill and it was double what it should be. She mentioned that her toilet made a funny noise every once in a while. I told her that is where she is loosing the extra water, the flapper needs replacing. I looked on my busy schedule Winking smile to see where I could fit her in and take a look at the toilet. Looks like tomorrow around 11am I told her.

Our “campsite” with our Killer dog Kybee watching over our rental Golf Car.DSC_2099

Arrived at Tina’s home a little before 11 am today. She was busy as a bee doing her laundry and house work. The girl has her hands full being a single mom, holding a full time job, and still keeping the her home in order! Good Job Tina, I’m proud of ya.

My favorite sea bird, the Pelican.DSC_2173

It didn’t take long to see that it indeed was the flapper valve that needed replaced. Off to ACE Hardware to purchase a new one. Back to Tina’s and the new valve installed within an hour. Job done! Open-mouthed smile No more high water bills for Tina!

One of the high rise hotels next to the RV Park.DSC_2201

Wilma was busy all day today doing laundry and house work also. All the clothes we wore on our trip had to be laundered. Many, many loads to do. Plus we are feeling “jet lag” I guess you could call it, from our ride home.

Had these visitors trying to join us for coffee one morning.DSC_2248

Tomorrow looks like another busy day. We are going to meet our close friends, Gary and his wife Cheryl at the Cracker Barrel in Port Huron tomorrow evening. From there we will be following them to a 50’s & 60’s concert.

So until next time, be safe and God Bless

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy to be Home!

Last night we stayed at:


And they do have Wi-Fi there now, but for $9.95 for up to 7 days was a bit too high for me as we were only staying there over night. We always find this park a welcome for us, as we know it’s only about a 7 or 8 hour drive from home. Many of the sights are black top now, but they followed the terrain. If, and many are, un-level then the black top is un-level. But with our “senior  discount” we paid only $21.00 for a site with water and up to 50amp electrical service. Much better than the $40 something we ended up paying at the KOA a few nights ago.


The temps were in the mid 70’s when we arrived there. We opened all the windows and enjoyed listening to all the birds singing while we ate supper.

The crabapple trees were in full bloom.DSC_2364

Wilma spoke to our daughter on the phone and she told us that they were expecting in the mid 70’s at home when we arrive. (Actually it hit the mid 80’s!)

Leaving the park you feast your eyes on the beautiful white fences and rolling lands for the horses.DSC_2374


I’m sure in our future travels we will be back for another night stay.

Now what I’m about to tell you will no doubt bring a smile to your face if not a full belly roll laugh at my ooops. Embarrassed smile

If you look back at the start of our trip, you will come across the time I had to stop at Wal-Mart to purchase a new battery for the car. At the time I blamed the battery being weak and not being able to keep a charge for the Brake Buddy to operate while I was towing the car.

At one of our rest stops on our way to the KOA in N. Carolina, I thought I would start the car and let it idle a bit. To my amazement the car barely turned over!Surprised smile Now what the heck I thought. I have a brand new battery, this should not happen! So I got the “owners manual” out and started reading. You know, that little book in the glove compartment that NOBODY reads! Well….it states plain as day, when towing, remove the “ignition fuse to prevent the battery from getting drained”. Crying face Why I thought, didn’t I read this sooner! It probably would have saved me $100 for that new battery! OK, … my fault and I deserve it I guess. This will teach me (maybe) to read everything first.  See, I told you, you would get a smile on your face from my ooops. Smile 

So getting back to this morning, we left around 8:30am. I believe the very first exit north of the horse park is a Crackle Barrel. We just had to pull off to get some breakfast. That shot about 45 minutes, but the breakfast was great and started our day out with a smile.

Everyone traveling north on I-75 into Covington, KY knows the long down hill run into the city.

The warning sign just before entering the downhill.DSC_2378

Wilma dreads that downhill run, fearing the worst. I try to help her out by telling her how great the gas mileage is that we are getting going downhill! I really don’t think it helps her though. Be right back But today it wasn’t bad at all because they had construction for about 10 miles prior to the downhill run. That slowed everyone to just about a crawl. Still got great mileage though!Open-mouthed smile Oh yes, there are two things I am never to say when traveling, Wilma’s orders! They are: Oh-Oh, and Oh My God!  Saying either of those phrases for some reason, scares the daylights out of her, so I’m never to say them again! Confused smile

Welcome to Ohio.DSC_2380

We arrived home just before 4pm, after about a 7 hour or so drive. I think that is just about my limit. I just don’t enjoy driving much more than that and I know Wilma and Kybee are just about done with riding by then.

I plugged the MH into the garage to keep the fridge cold, and we will empty out everything tomorrow after a good night sleep.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our “adventures” as much as I enjoyed posting them.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Asheville, N.C.

Yes, Wilma was up before the sun again this morning!



She is really going to miss these mornings on the beach, listening to the waves, and watching the sun rise for the start of another day. Actually that goes for both of us!

We left Ocean Lakes, around 9am. Set the GPS and we were on our way North West homebound.

We pulled into the KOA Campground in Asheville, N.Carolina around 5pm. I believe we are in the heart of the Smoky Mountains or pretty close to the heart of them. There was one mountain climb on the interstate that had a 7% grade and slowed us down to 40MPH in second gear! Some of the truckers were slowing to 25mph.

If you click on the KOA link above you will see how close we are to interstate 40. But the map lies! Winking smile Our campsite is so close overlooking the interstate that I could hit the traffic with a shot from a slingshot! We will be sleeping with the windows closed and the air conditioner fan on to try to drown out the traffic noise. Sorry, but I would not recommend this campground for any length of stay mainly because of the traffic noise.

Taking a walk after dinner. Interstate to the far right.DSC_2347

The entrance road to the KOA. A very hard climb for the MH.DSC_2349

Nice scenery of rolling hills.DSC_2350

Entertainment center with fire place.DSC_2351

We traveled close to 380 miles today. We are about a third of the way home. Hopefully we will make it to Lexington Horse Park in Lexington Ky. for tomorrow’s stop. I know for sure there is NO internet service there. So..

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Last day at Myrtle Beach

Wilma was up before sunrise again this morning.




We had no plans today except to enjoy the RV Park.

Looking North along the beach.DSC_2294

Looking South along the beach.DSC_2295



Enjoying the sunshine. DSC_2311

Just have to have a picture with their Mascot “Sandy”.DSC_2325

The outdoor pool that we never went into.DSC_2321

Some of the beautiful flowers through out the park.DSC_2323

Tomorrow morning we are planning on getting an early start. We really hope to be back home this Sunday. We have about 980 miles to drive to get home.

Of course we don’t expect to have any internet connections for the next several days. So….

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.