Saturday, April 2, 2011

Asheboro, N. Carolina

We had a little rain mixed with wet snow last night. We were anxious to leave West Virginia and get out of the Mountains.

The front office of the KOA in W. Va. 100_0921

I hooked up the battery charger to the cars battery and it showed that it was giving it a 5 amp charge. So I figured it was only about half way to full charge. There was enough power to start the engine, so I was going to try again today using the Brake Buddy. We only had about 140 miles to drive today so I was hoping the battery would make it. With a dead battery the Brake Buddy will not work to help stop the car when braking the MH.

We arrived at the Zooland family campground just after 12 noon to find the office closed. I checked the battery on the car and sure enough it was dead again! Wilma and I talked about it and have decided we won’t use the Brake Buddy tomorrow and just stop at a Wal-Mart and purchase a new battery.

Our site at Zooland Campground DSC_2073

We noticed an elderly gent doing some grounds cleanup so I walked over to him to see if he knew anything about when the office would be open. “Later this afternoon is when the owners are expected back he said, but I can take you to a site for tonight”. Within an hour we were on our site. The sun is out and the temps are around 72. We are already enjoying the change in temps and sunshine.

It’s 4pm now and the wind is starting to pick up. We seem to be getting 40MPH gusts of wind hitting the side of the MH. It’s windy enough that no one has their awnings out, and I even lowered our TV antenna. Don’t need anything else to go wrong or get broke Fingers crossed.

This is who greeted me in the office. DSC_2078

I walked over to the office to register and pay my $14.00 Passport America fee for the night. Not bad at all for a full hook  up site with free Wi-Fi!


The main office/store. DSC_2077

This campground has many out buildings throughout the campground. Each building has at least one “Old” business sign mounted to it.


The game room building is next to the office. DSC_2076

This park is really nice for a stop over. A little off the main highway by about 3 miles. All the sites are fairly level, grassy/gravel sites. Each has its own fire ring and picnic table.


Tommy, the ol gent grounds keeper, just knocked at the door. He came to tell me that the office is now open for me to register. I thanked him and told him I just came from there and paid for the night. I asked him if he might have an extension cord to borrow so I could put the charger on my cars battery. Sure enough he had one on his John Deere 4 wheeler. He helped me hook it up, showed me his coach and asked if I would just leave it at his door when we leave in the morning. I assured him I would and would not knock on the door just in case we leave before they get up in the morning.

Tomorrow our destination will be Ocean Lakes Campground in Myrtle Beach S. Carolina. We are really looking forward to it and hope the weather is warm and sunny for us.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Looks like you had a better day today ☺ Hopefully that battery will revive but maybe a new one would be better.

  2. Just became a follower of your blog. We had the same prob with our toad and ended up buying a new battery...have not had another prob. We've been to Ocean Lakes several times -- enjoy walking on the beach. We are currently in Nashville, NC where our dgt lives. Safe travels!

    Marilyn McMillan