Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby Robin Returns

Last year a Robin made a nest behind one of the coach lights on my garage. She raised 3 young robins. Yesterday I noticed the nest. Today…

Is this the mother Robin from last year? Or one of her 3 offspring she had. 100_0929

Last year after the baby Robins left, the nest was un-attended for at least a week. I then proceeded to remove the nest. What a surprise when I saw a new nest there, and more surprised to see it was a Robin. Now the question. What is the life expectancy of a Robin? Is this the mother from last year? Or is it one of her offspring from last year?

Today is turned out to be a very pretty day. Sun shinning, no wind and temps in the  mid to high 60’s. Perfect for working in the yard. This morning Wilma and I decided to clean up and plant some new Dahlia bulbs in the front shrub bed. They were purchased from Costco about a month ago, and were starting to show some new growth. The instructions say they like plenty of sunshine, I hope Michigan can give them enough sunshine! Smile  Each year for several years now we have been purchasing different bulbs trying to get away from the “Annual” flowers and lean toward the “Perennials”.

Last years bulbs are starting to flower.100_0933

After completing the planting, a tree trim was in order. We have 2 decorative “Plum” trees between the sidewalk and street. In a couple weeks they will be in full bloom, but they don’t produce any fruit. The Landscaper that planted them said they will keep the shape of a tulip. There was a couple low branches that were taking away from the shape of the tree, plus I had to keep ducking them when mowing the lawn. So today was the day picked to remove them.  I have been known to get a little carried away when trimming trees in the past, so I talked it over with Wilma prior to trimming, getting her approval first. Open-mouthed smile 

Branch removed, the other branch removed is to the upper left of the fresh cut.100_0931

You can see from the picture above that there have been several branches removed prior to us receiving the tree. Don’t know why they didn’t remove the last two that I did today.

There were 3 branches on this tree removed. One of them was quite large, as you can see from the fresh cut.100_0932

The trees took on a much better look with those branches removed. And I know I won’t have to duck any longer when cutting the grass!

Almost enough for a campfire!100_0930

We are getting ready now for an evening out with our friends, Gary and Cheryl.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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