Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Barefoot Landing & Myrtle Beach Board Walk

Another great sunrise this morning. Wilma was out on the beach before sunrise so she could get another picture or two of the sunrise.

Sunrise on the Beach. Sunrise at Myrtle Beach


As she was on the beach, I was still getting my coffee when I looked out the windshield and saw this: 100_0926

Wilma enjoying the sunrise. DSC_2235

What a great way to start the day! Smile

After the sunrise she decided to walk the beach finding treasures.

More footprints in the sand! DSC_2238

Treasures from the beach. DSC_2239

We then finished our coffee outside on our patio. We were being amused by a Dove making her nest in the palm tree next to our patio.

Kybee keeping my seat warm. DSC_2257

Then we noticed this couple approaching.


They didn’t act afraid of us in the slightest bit. I had Kybee on my lap and when he saw them approaching us he just gave out a slight bark. It didn’t bother them, and they came even closer. DSC_2249

Not getting anything to eat, they departed making their tour through the park. Later in the morning we saw a lady feeding them some bread. They were within 2 feet of her, so I guess they are very used to people here in the RV Park.

After breakfast we took a drive to Barefoot Landing. Back in ‘93 when we were here last they were just starting to build up this area. Today we just couldn’t believe our eyes on how the area has been developed!


One of 3 floating bridges we had to cross. Wilma did well doing the bridge. DSC_2268

We had to stop to feed the fish and ducks. DSC_2266

We stopped at a few shops looking at their wares. Then decided to get a bite to eat. Whoa Nellie! We looked at one of the menu’s, saw the prices and left. A definite tourist trap! We ended up at a McDonalds down the street. For what our meal cost at McDonalds, you couldn’t even buy a lunch for one person at Barefoot Landing. Even Kybee was treated to a burger.

We left McDonalds and headed for the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. With it’s assorted variety of shops, restaurants and bars, I could see that this would be “the place” that was happening in the evening. Very nice. The people of Myrtle Beach should be very proud of their boardwalk.

I’m sure we would have stopped here for lunch. DSC_2271




We are back at the MH now. In a few hours we will prepare our dinner. Grilled steak is on our menu tonight! Open-mouthed smile

Afterward we will probably take our Golf Car for a ride around the park. The weather was bright and sunny today. Blue skies full sunshine. Even though the temp. gauge in the car said it was only 63 is felt more like 73 to us.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. What a beautiful day you had. Enjoy it to the fullest

  2. Thanks for tour. We were there two years ago. Looks like there have been some improvements to the boardwalk area.

    I love sunrises, if I can get up on time :)

  3. That looks like a nice campground..may have to check it out some day.